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22 Easy Picnic Recipes

Planning your next picnic just got easier with this collection of 22 Easy Picnic Recipes! Everything from sandwiches to pasta salads, snacks, desserts and drinks!

It’s picnic season! This summer why not pack up a delicious lunch (or dinner) and head to the great outdoors for a picnic…you’ll be so glad you did! There’s just something so great about enjoying good food outside…everything always tastes better. With a little bit of planning, your picnic can be easier than ever.

Easy Picnic Recipes

Keep your picnic simple!

I’m sharing 22+ Easy Picnic Recipes and ideas, with links to some of my most favourite recipes (just click on the links for the recipes). There are many homemade ideas here, but not everything needs to be made from scratch. Do what makes you happy and keep things as low stress as possible. Don’t feel like baking? Buy treats from the bakery. Don’t feel like making sandwiches or pasta salads? Buy some from your local deli. Your picnic can be as simple as you make it!

Easy Picnic Recipes:  Classic Egg Salad

Picnic Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches are the easiest picnic food! There are so many delicious options, they’re easy to pack and they’re usually a crowd favourite! Pack them up in air tight containers and keep them in a cooler with ice packs. Here are some simple sandwich ideas:

Easy Picnic Recipes:  Packable Pasta Salads

Packable Pasta Salads

Pasta salads are perfect for picnics! Make them ahead of time and pack them in your cooler for a simple and delicious lunch.

Picnic Salads

These simple salads are a great picnic side dish. They transport well and pair perfectly with sandwiches.

Easy Picnic Recipes

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Don’t forget the drinks! Take cans of pop or juice, or take along reusable cups and make a big batch of lemonade and transport it in a large jug. Here are some thirst quenching ideas:

Picnic Snacks

A picnic doesn’t feel like a picnic without snacks!

Picnic Desserts and Treats

Don’t forget the desserts! These recipes are all easily transportable…and they’re guaranteed to get devoured.

I hope you found some delicious food inspiration for your picnic! Don’t forget the napkins, and have fun.

Easy Picnic Recipes

For more PICNIC TIPS, make sure to check out my post here, and follow my Summer Pinterest Board!

22+ Easy Picnic Recipe Ideas

Happy picnicking!

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