Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Summers are made for picnics!  Here are 7 tips, ideas and all the essentials you’ll need for an easy summer picnic!

Last weekend we packed up an easy lunch and headed out to the countryside for a family picnic.  Summers are made for picnics, so we try to have as many as we can when the weather is nice.  They’re such a nice way to spend the day!  Everything tastes better outdoors don’t you think?

Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Keep your summer picnic simple!

The great thing about picnics is that you can make them as simple or fancy as you like.  Most of the time we just grab a few sandwiches and snacks and head out the door, but this weekend I felt like making things a little more fancy!  And by ‘fancy’ I mean I brought along my outdoor melamine dishes instead of paper plates.

Easy Egg Salad Sandwiches

I kept this summer picnic really simple.  Nothing fancy here, it’s all easy to pull together in just a manner of minutes.  It just goes to show you that things may look complicated, but if you look a little closer you can see that they’re not.  🙂

Easy Italian Macaroni Salad

Pack easy to transport food.

For picnics, sandwiches are the perfect lunchtime meal.  They transport easily, and you can make any variety to suit everyones tastebuds!  We especially love classic egg salad sandwiches and ham & cheese sandwiches.  I like to wrap them up in parchment paper for individual servings.  Pretty and practical!

Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Pasta salads are also great for picnicking!  Especially ones that aren’t dairy based, because they travel well and don’t spoil easily.  This classic Italian pasta salad is a family favourite.  Just toss cooked noodles, bite sized vegetables and chunks of cheese in some Italian dressing and enjoy! Don’t forget to pack along potato chips and pickles to go with your sandwiches.  No picnic is complete without chips!!

Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Make sure to bring fresh fruit!  Summer fruit and berries are the perfect dessert.  I also like to make sure we have lots to drink while we’re picnicking!  Just fill up a dispenser with your favourite drink (we love pink lemonade) and everyone can help themselves.

Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Tips for easy picnicking:

Here are some ideas for planning your next picnic…remember, just keep it simple!

Keep the food simple.

You don’t need to make everything from scratch – buy what you can!

Finger foods are easy.

Pack foods that are easy to eat and serve.  Things like sandwiches, chips, pickles, fruit and veggie trays, cheese strings.

Pasta salads are great for picnics.

Make ahead pasta salads are always a great option for picnics.  They travel well and are easy to serve.  Here are some of my favourite pasta salad recipes.

Plan ahead.

Write out a simple menu, scope out places to picnic ahead of time, check the weather.

Prep as much of your food as you can at home.  

Picnics are easiest when all you have to do is open the cooler, serve and eat!

Pack your picnic and supplies in an easy to carry container.

I like to pack all of my picnic supplies like dishes, blankets etc. in a clothes basket with handles, because it’s so easy to transport to your picnic site.  You can also use an insulated cooler or large rubbermaid container.

Pack a picnic basket ahead of time.

If you picnic a lot, keep a basket stocked with all the essentials so you can just basically grab it and go.

Keep things cool.

Make sure to use a cooler with ice packs to prevent food spoilage.

Tips for an easy summer picnic!

Picnic Essentials:

  • Picnic blanket or portable picnic table
  • Camping chairs
  • Tablecloth
  • Durable dishes: plates, bowls, utensils, cups, big bowls for chips, fruit and salads
  • Cutting boards, knives
  • Plastic containers for leftovers
  • Take lots of water
  • Extra blankets in case it gets cold, or you need extra seating.
  • Napkins and wet wipes for clean up.
  • Grocery store garbage bags.
  • A cooler with a couple of ice packs to prevent food spoilage.
  • Mosquito spray
  • Suntan lotion
  • First aid kit

Easy Summer Picnic

If you’re looking for more summer inspiration, follow my Summer Ideas board on Pinterest!

We had the nicest time.  These are what summer memories are made of! Happy picnicking!


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  1. Jo-anna, these are such good tips. I like that you ended the post with a checklist- I always forget something. 😉 Your photography is beautiful! I’m featuring your post as one of my features tomorrow night at Treasure Box Tuesday! Thank you for linking up with us! 🙂

  2. Yummy, yummy!! We do dinner in the park once a week during the warmer months. We’ll have to try your suggestions for a nice change.
    Thanks for linking up with up at the #homemattersparty. We’re glad to have you.

  3. I love picnics. I always keep it very simple really. I either like to go to the beach or head on a short drive into the countryside. In terms of food I pack rolls, fruit, cakes and biscuits too. I typically put them in a biscuit tin to make it that much easier on me. J also tend to take two full water bottles as well. In case. You never know what happens. Occasionally I like to take a full box of sweets or a tin of chocolates with me. Sausage rolls are my preferred food for picnics.

    Sometimes we also like to order food there at the cafe.