Summer Wildflower Wreath

Make this Summer Wildflower Wreath in just minutes with a few simple supplies!  It’s such a pretty way to decorate your door for summer.

Today I’ve joined a group of blogger friends, and we are sharing 24 pretty summer wreaths with you! Thank you to Krista of Happy Housie for organizing this Season Simplicity Summer Series.  Make sure to check out all the wreath tutorials in the links at the bottom of this post!  xo

I like big wreaths and I cannot lie. Seriously, I have a thing for big wreaths…the bigger the better…as long as they can fit on my front door, then we’re good. My first big wreath was this Grapevine Evergreen Wreath that I made for Christmas, and because I loved it so much and didn’t want to put it away so soon, I rearranged it and made this one for winter. And now I need one for all. the. seasons. So I made this Wildflower Wreath, and it is perfect for summer.

I like big wreaths and I cannot lie!

The thing that I love most about big wreaths is that they carry so much visual impact. They’re large, in charge and easy to see from a distance. Especially if they’re colourful like my Wildflower Wreath. My original idea for this wreath was to make it a chamomile wreath, but when I went in search of faux chamomile, there was hardly any to be found. So I went to plan B and decided to make it a wildflower wreath. But once I gather enough chamomile sprigs, I’m going to make that wreath too!

I do love the look of all the pretty little colourful flowers…they make me think of summer meadows and wildflower gardens. So pretty.

Easy and so pretty!

This wreath is SO easy to put together…I hope you make one for your home too. You can have fun with the colours, flowers and ribbon…make it yours! And in case you were wondering, why yes that is me wearing a Canadian tuxedo 😉 hahahahaha

Supplies for a Summer Wildflower Wreath:

  • 1 grapevine wreath base: in the size of your choice. I bought the biggest one I could find at Michaels, but still small enough that it will fit on my door.
  • floral sprigs: I bought about 8 large floral stems and cut them into pieces for stuffing into the wreath base
  • ribbon: for the bow I bought a red and white gingham ribbon from Michaels

How to make a Summer Wildflower Wreath:

This is a very simple wreath to make! It’s really just stuffing floral sprigs into the grapevine wreath base, I don’t even use floral wire to secure anything.

  • Hang the grapevine wreath base on a wreath hanger on an inside door. I find this to be the easiest way to assemble a wreath because you can see what you are doing. It’s much easier to put together the wreath while it’s hanging in front of you, rather than trying to make a wreath while it’s laying on a table.
  • To make this wreath symmetrical, I start with 2 floral sprigs at the base, stuffing each one into the bottom of the wreath base…one on each side for balance.
  • Then continue to stuff the sprigs, 2 at a time, one on each side for balance. Basically, what I do to one side of the wreath, I do to the other.
  • Keep stuffing until it looks the way you like.
  • Step back, have a look and see if both sides mirror each other, and add and adjust as needed.
  • Then to finish it off I make a simple bow for the base of the wreath, leaving long trailing ribbon.

Easy and lovely.

More Summer Wreaths to Make:

Now make sure to take a tour of all the pretty summer wreaths below! I hope you’ll leave inspired to make a summer wreath for your own home.

Have an inspired day!

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