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Christmas Appetizer Party – 20+ Ideas!

If you’re planning to get together with friends and family over the holiday season, why not host an appetizer party? Here are 20+ recipe ideas including tasty appetizers, treats and holiday drinks! Everything you need for a Christmas Appetizer Partayyyyyy!

Homemade appetizers are one of my favourite things to serve at Christmas parties! But appetizers, like all other Christmas-time food, really can take some thought and planning ahead. So, in this roundup post, I am taking all the guesswork out of your Christmas appetizer prep and sharing some of my all-time favourite Christmas appetizer recipes that I have made over the years. I’ve also included some festive treats and drink ideas. I know you will love them, and your friends and family will too! 

20+ Ideas for an Appetizer Party!

Recipe ideas for tasty appetizers, snacks, treats and even homemade drinks, everything you need for the most delicious holiday appetizer party ever! Many recipes can be made ahead, making planning even easier.


Delicious Brie Appetizer Ideas

No charcuterie board or Christmas appetizer table is complete without Brie. It is so creamy and delicious and pairs well with so many flavours. I have six oh-so-tasty ideas here for you to try – from honey drizzle to cute Christmas cutouts to creamy fondue. Need I say more? 

A cheese board with a baked Brie fondue, a wheel of Brie cheese with a gingerbread cut out and a small brie covered with honey, pomegranate seeds and pistachios

Baked Brie with Honey, Walnuts and Rosemary

This Baked Brie with Honey, Walnuts and Rosemary is a simple and delicious appetizer! Ready in about 20 minutes, making it perfect for parties! And look how pretty it is!

honey being drizzled on a brie wheel topped with chopped walnuts, rosemary and cranberries

Brie Even Merrier

In the spirit of giving, I have another Brie recipe to share with you! This Brie with Cranberry Balsamic Chutney is a delicious appetizer – or it also makes a lovely holiday hostess gift! It’s tangy, sweet, and perfect for the festive season.

Pimento Cheese Recipe

If you are looking for an incredibly quick and delicious dip for your Christmas party, this is it! It is creamy, tangy, and so delightful. Serve it with fresh sliced vegetables or spread it onto crackers for the ultimate holiday appetizer. Plus, you can make it ahead to save time on a busy day!

Classic Cheese Ball

Is it even a party without a cheeseball?! This Classic Cheese Ball is a perfect party appetizer! This delicious no-nut cheese ball recipe is made with cream cheese, old cheddar and a crust of dried apricots, cranberries, bacon and green onion. So good.

Easy Classic Cheese Ball Recipe

Parmesan Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms

These Parmesan Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms are a quick and delicious appetizer that is perfect for all your friends and family. Right out of the oven, the filling is sooo warm, creamy, and cheesy. Combine this with the mushroom and crispy butter bread crumb topping, and I’m hungry just thinking about it! These will disappear from your appetizer table so fast.

More Merry Ideas!

Antipasto Wreath

If you’re looking for a showstopper appetizer that is both EASY and DELICIOUS, then this Christmas Antipasto Wreath is it! Make it with your favourite vegetables, pickles, charcuterie meats and cheeses, and marinated tortellini pasta. So good. And looks fancy but it’s really easy and quick to put together, and is absolutely perfect for an appetizer partayyyyy!


Charcuterie boards are a favourite at any celebration and especially at Christmas! They look incredible and oh-so-festive. Plus, they can be so easy and fun to create. Learn here how to create your own and then sit back and enjoy stress-free entertaining that all your guests will love.

Spinach Dips

For an appetizer that everyone will love, look no further than this classic Spinach Dip made with Knorrs Vegetable Soup Mix. So delicious! Serve it in a bread bowl as a dip for bread chunks and fresh vegetables as you chat around the table with friends and family. 

Looking for a unique twist on your spinach dip? Try this Baked Goat’s Cheese and Bacon Spinach Dip or this one without bacon in a bread bowl. Both are creamy, rich, and full of flavour.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

These Sweet and Sour Meatballs will be a hit with your family and friends! My kids come running to the table when I make this simple and delicious recipe and it can easily be made into a Christmas appetizer too! Just add toothpicks and you’ve got delicious single-serving holiday meatballs!

Maple Bacon Wrapped Smokies

These Maple Bacon Wrapped Smokies are always a hit at parties, trust me, they will be the first to disappear from the food table! When I make these for parties, I bake them about 1/2 hour before everyone arrives, then I transfer them to a crockpot and keep them warm (on the low setting) until serving time.

a top down image of a bowl full of maple bacon wrapped smokies

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp

Delectable shrimp wrapped in basil + prosciutto. Always a crowd favourite appetizer!

Easy Fig + Goat Cheese Crostinis

These Prosciutto, Basil, Fig Jam + Goat Cheese Crostinis are a delicious 5 minute appetizer!

Baked Spinach + Artichoke Dip

This Spinach Artichoke Dip is a creamy and delicious appetizer! Serve with crackers or bread.

Sweet Christmas Treats!

Christmas Gumdrop Nougat

For a delicious treat or the sweetest gift, make my easy Christmas Gumdrop Nougat! This recipe tastes like nostalgia and Christmases past. Create a batch of these sweet, soft and chewy treats to share at your Christmas party or family gathering…I guarantee you won’t have leftovers after your shindig.

Easy Christmas Crack

This Easy Christmas Crack is a crowd-pleaser and is so simple to make. With just 5 ingredients, a layer of crackers, covered with caramel, covered with chocolate. YUM! This is a perfect party treat!

Turtle Cookies

Chocolate, nuts, and caramel are made for each other. So it’s no surprise that these Turtle Cookies are an absolute winner amongst the Christmas crowd. These little treats are so good, I know you’ll make them more than once!

Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Cookies

Looking for the chocolate cookie recipe of your dreams this Christmas? Look no further than these Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Cookies. With chewy chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and sweet chocolate chips, these cookies have all the flavours of Christmas come together to be enjoyed. They’re a must for a holiday treat table.

Snowball Cookies

Snowball Cookies just make sense for Christmas. So yummy! This recipe is sweet, nutty, and buttery. Made with pecans, vanilla, and a dusting of icing, they make the prettiest and most delicious treat on the menu. 

Peanut Butter Balls

These delicious Peanut Butter Balls do call for some planning ahead but trust me, they are worth it this season! Full of rich chocolate and peanut butter flavours, this recipe is a special treat for your guests that you won’t regret putting a bit of work into.

Delicious Drinks

Rhubarb Cranberry Gin Christmas Cocktail

It’s always nice when throwing a party to have a festive signature drink to offer your guests. So if you’re looking for a delicious drink this Rhubarb Cranberry Gin Christmas Cocktail is it! It’s SO simple to make and it’s SO delicious.

two coupe glasses filled with Rhubarb Cranberry Gin Christmas Cocktail. the cocktails sit on a wooden table with fairy lights and fresh greenery

Winter Sangria Recipe

This Winter Sangria recipe is festive, flavourful, and perfect for Christmas. There is just something about red wine, juice, and seasonal fresh fruit that tastes so good! Sip this sangria while munching on Christmas appetizers. I’ve included a non-alcoholic version as well.

Homemade Baileys Irish Cream

This copycat Baileys Irish Cream recipe is as good as (if not better than) the real stuff! In just 5 minutes you can have this creamy, flavourful drink made of easy to find ingredients. Enjoy it served over ice or add a splash to your coffee this Christmas. 

Classic Old Fashioned Recipe

Everyone loves a classic. Made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, orange, and ice, this Old Fashioned recipe is full of festive flavour. Make this drink, then cozy up next to the fire with friends and family this Christmas season. 

Red Ruby Grapefruit Punch

When you want to create a drink that looks as festive as it tastes, make this Ruby Red Grapefruit Punch! This recipe is a burst of fresh citrus flavour and is so simple and delicious. Make it with a no-alcohol base and share it with the whole family this Christmas. Punches are such great party drink options…let everyone just help themselves.

Non-Alcoholic White Cranberry Punch

Share the fun with kids and non-drinkers alike this year with this delicious Non-Alcoholic White Cranberry Punch recipe! It is the simplest recipe yet, but is so tasty. Make it extra special and pretty with slices of green apple, frozen cranberries, and large ice cubes. Everyone deserves to sip a pretty punch on Christmas. Again, another great help-yourself-party-punch!

I hope these recipes will help you plan the most delicious Christmas appetizers, treats and drinks for your celebrations. Tag me @aprettylife and share with me which ones you make!

Don’t forget the tunes!

Here is a playlist of 30+ holiday tunes. Press play, and let’s get this party started!

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20+ Christmas Appetizer Party Ideas
Festive and delicious!

15+ Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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