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Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

Make this simple and pretty Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath in 10 minutes!  A lovely way to greet your guests this holiday season!

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Here we are in November…a kind of limbo month, but I love it so much (and this has nothing to do with it being my birthday month either haha!).  But with November there is this lull between all things pumpkin and all things Christmas.  I know that many people deck their halls for Christmas once November hits, but I tend to wait until late November, only because this is what I’m used to…my Mom used to wait until December 1, so I tend to aim for that time frame as well.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not counting down the days until every square inch of my home is decorated for Christmas!  In fact, I’ve started to put up a little bit of wintery decor, that leans towards Christmas, but it’s not quite full on Christmas, if you know what I mean.

For example, take this wreath that I recently made.  After I took down my spooky Halloween wreath, my door looked a little sad and empty so I decided I needed to hang something, but something that wasn’t too Christmas-y just yet.  As I raided my craft stash in hopes for some inspiration, I came across a wreath base, some yarn and bottle brush trees…the makings of a holiday wreath!

Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

Here is my Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath!  I absolutely love everything about this wreath…I love yarn wreaths, bottle brush trees and red checkered patterns…put them all together and you have the sweetest little holiday wreath to hang on your front door!

Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

Just simple and cute.  With a few simple supplies and about 20 minutes of your time, you can make this too!  Here’s how!

Supplies For Your Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

  • 1 solid white styrofoam wreath base
  • white chunky yarn
  • 5 bottle brush trees, in various sizes
  • ribbon for hanging

Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

How to Make Your Wreath

  • Using the chunky yarn, wrap the wreath base until it is fully covered.  I just tie the yarn on to secure it.
  • Secure the bottle brush trees with glue (use a glue gun for best results).  I used 5 trees, in 2 different sizes for contrast.
  • Run a decorative ribbon through the wreath and hang!  So simple.

Winter Wonderland Bottle Brush Yarn Wreath

That’s it.  Easy and adorable.

Have a very Merry day!



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  1. We do not have a Michaels but there is a Hobby Lobby not too far. Perhaps they would have the bottle brushes. Love this wreath.