My Christmas Mantel

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas mantel time that is!  I put ours together this past weekend, come have a look…

Colourful and Bright Christmas Mantel

The thing about my mantel is, that it just doesn’t change much from year to year…

Colourful and Bright Christmas Mantel

Christmas decorations are hard to change unless you change everything.  I thought and thought about what I could do, but I went back to what I knew.

Colourful and Bright Christmas Mantel

What I liked.  And what went with all the other Christmas decor I had around, like my Sparkly Ornament Wreath.

I mean, I’d love to switch things up…I have a million different ideas in my head…a vintage white Christmas tree, a rustic decor, all white…but it’s just not that easy to change everything.  It’s expensive.  Not to mention that what if I change my mind again?!  😉

So my mantel is basically the same as last year.  I can’t do too much with it because it competes with our tree.

Colourful and Bright Christmas Mantel

So simple is best.  Here it is in all it’s simple glory.  And I love it just how it is.  😉

More Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas:

Have a Merry day!

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  1. It is just perfect with your beautiful tree. I love it all.

    In your recipes, you sometimes call for CANDIED cherries…in others, you use GLACE cherries…are they one in the same or need I look for something different. I am unsure what a glace cherry is.
    I am spending the next couple days, making some of your cookies and want to be sure to get the right ingredients.
    Many thanks…bj

  2. I love those bold color choices! I haven’t done a lot of decorating yet, but hopefully will soon! Just stumbled across your blog and am a new follower! Anja

  3. Your mantel looks great! I love your colors, and what kind of stone is around your fireplace? Love it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

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