A Red and White Christmas Home Tour

Welcome! Come on in to this cozy and pretty Red and White Christmas Home Tour! With classic holiday colours, rich plaids, mini holiday houses and festive holiday touches.

Today I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for her annual Christmas Home Tour! Make sure to check out all of the gorgeous holiday homes from other bloggers at the bottom of this post. If you’re coming over from Kate’s beautiful Christmas home at Southern Home and Hospitality, hello and welcome! I hope you leave here feeling inspired for the holiday season.

Welcome to my Red and White Christmas Home Tour!

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour, I’m Jo-Anna and I’m so happy to have you here in my home this holiday season! This year was a big year here for my family and home. We moved out of our home of almost 20 years, and into a new build. And let me tell you that was (is!) a process, over a year of planning, waiting and everything that goes into building a new house. But now we’re finally in, almost settled and just in time for Christmas!

So come on in, I feel lucky to have you here.

Cozy yet minimal.

I’ve enjoyed decorating for the holidays so much this year. But in many ways I found decorating our new space challenging, only because I’m so used to doing the same things every year, decorating the same spaces…and now I have a completely new palette and I’m just figuring it all out. I’m also stuck in that “it’s-a-new-house-I-don’t-want-to-scratch-anything” mentality haha! So the decor is simple this year, but I quite like it. Honestly, more and more I’m really craving minimal simple holiday decor. I love the look of every kind of holiday decorating, I wish I could do it all, but I’m definitely leaning more towards a clean, minimal, yet cozy look for the holidays (that may change in the coming years because I’m actually obsessed with the vintage ornament tree trend on TikTok haha).

Style doesn’t happen overnight.

I also weirdly felt a lot of pressure to put this home tour together for some reason. I guess it’s probably because it’s the first time I’ve really shared our new home and I’m still in the process of moving in and getting to know it. Decorating and style takes time…so I’m going to take my time. Honestly, we can only do so much, especially during the holidays.

a white stone fireplace decorated with a mini Christmas village and red stockings

A new palette, but familiar decor.

So I tried to balance cozy with minimal, and do it without having to buy all new stuff. My last years no-buy home tour really opened my eyes to how much stuff I actually have and how much I don’t need. Having said that, I did buy a few new things like pillows and I couldn’t resist the gingerbread house trend, but overall I didn’t buy or change up too much. We also really love the decorations we already have, and the kids would be so disappointed if I completely changed things…they’ve had enough change this year!

mini decorative gingerbread houses and ribbon candy trees

Red and White Christmas Living Room Decor

I did really love putting together my living room for Christmas. It was the perfect palette for my favourite seasonal colours of red, white and green. It’s simple in here, yet cozy and pretty. I love it so much.

a living room is decorated for Christmas with garlands, mini houses, plaid pillows, blankets and a tree
a living room is decorated for Christmas with garlands, mini houses, plaid pillows, blankets and a tree
a white couch with plaid pillows and a red and white blanket

Our Classic Christmas Tree

We have the same type of Christmas tree each year, a real tree decorated with all of our homemade and collected ornaments, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year however, we did get the tallest tree we’ve ever had…I think this one is at least 10 feet tall!


I also took inspiration from the viral HomeDepot tree that’s made it’s way all over TikTok, and added 3 extra strings of twinkle lights to my tree. So in total this tree has 8 strands of lights! It’s SO TWINKLY! I also run the light strings up and down the tree instead of wrapped around and love how it turned out. You can see how I did that in my Christmas highlight on Instagram (it was my tree from last year).

a large Christmas tree decorated with ornaments

Here’s what it looks like at night from the couch (I love bokeh)! As you can see I’m all snuggled in with my pup’s head on my lap.

How to Fit a Tree Collar

I also wanted to share a little trick I found on TikTok! I saw this on Delbauer House, and knew I had to try it. So what it is, if you have a tree collar that is too small for the base of your tree stand, you can use ribbon to tie the sides together. I used some plaid ribbon and did just that. I think it looks so nice…it hides the gap too (you can see them in the image of my tree above).

a plaid ribbon is tied to a red metal tree skirt
a white stone fireplace decorated with a mini Christmas village and red stockings

Christmas in My Kitchen

And of course I had to add a little Christmas cheer to my kitchen! I didn’t add much in here because I’m just getting to know this space and don’t want to clutter it haha! But there will be A LOT of Christmas baking and cooking going on in here over the next weeks. YUM

a white home decorated for Christmas

Keeping it simple, for now anyway.

Sometimes all you need are a few sprigs of greenery and of course something delicious like those Cinnamon Sugar Breadsticks that are sitting on the counter.

a pan of cinnamon sugar breadsticks sits on a kitchen counter in front of christmas tree lights

Put a wreath on it.

And once again I added mini wreaths and festive chair cushions to the dining area…it doesn’t feel like Christmas without them. Maybe I’ll get brave in here next year and drape greenery from the light fixtures but I’m just not there yet hahaha

Our Cozy Wintery Christmas Bedroom

I also wanted to add a little Christmas cheer to our main bedroom, so I did a little decorating in here. The goal was to have decor that I could easily carry into the upcoming months, not just for Christmas. It needed to be cozy and warm, with layers of flannel, fleece and thick duvets…our winters get cold.

I draped some faux pine along the bed frame for a simple decorative touch. Just really simple and nice.

And of course I had to add plaid pillows to tie into the rest of the house! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of plaid, I love it so much.

I love how it feels in here, especially at night with the tiny Christmas tree glowing.

Cozy and warm.

A work in progress.

I’m still decorating as I get to know my new house a little more, so I might come back and add some new photos. I’m definitely going to share my front door/porch area, so come back to my blog to see that later! Thank you so much for coming along on my Christmas Home Tour. I hope you enjoyed it! xo

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Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a beautiful tour – with great tips! Yes, adding extra lights really does make a tree sparkle. I love your fireplace and the way you lined up the houses. They stand out against the mantel and make such a pretty statement. And of course, red at Christmas is always classic! Great to tour with you!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  2. I am loving the simplicity of your decor. The prefect balance of red and plaid! Speaking of plaid, where did you get those great plaid pillows?

  3. That’s beautiful! I love how you’ve done your new house.

    I want a gingerbread house too. And I love the tree collar – I was thinking this year that the tree skirt just flops there and doesn’t look right. Maybe that’s what I need to do.

    1. Thank you Robin! Yes, I feel the same way about my tree skirt…I tried it but it just never falls the way I want it to. And I had this tree collar but it was too small for the base of my tree, so this ribbon fix was a perfect solution!

  4. How exciting to have a new house to pretty up for the holidays! I luv your bedroom decorating and the dark green gauzy cover is fantastic! Is it a local find or can you share where you purchased it as I NEED IT too ❣️
    I look forward to using some of your recipes this again this year for the holidays!

    Happy Holidays,

  5. Lovely touches throughout your home for the holidays. Love all of the wreaths on the back of the chairs with the red and white chair cushions. It looks so festive.

  6. Hi! I’m glad to have toured with you this week. I love your new home and red seems to be its Christmas color! It’s beautiful! I laughed when you said you were still in the no-scratch phase. We moved years ago to a new-to-us house and within the first week there was a scratch on the wall. I was so disappointed. But life goes on and now I can’t even count all the things we need to redo in here. Anyway, I think everything you’ve done for the tour is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!