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Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Simple & festive gift wrapping ideas using plaids and natural elements!  Perfect for Christmas.

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Welcome my friends!  I’m so happy you are here today because there is a TONNE of inspiration for your holiday gift wrapping.  I’ve teamed up with a group of very talented bloggers who are sharing some tips and ideas for wrapping.

This year I am IN LOVE with rustic and classic elements for Christmas…plaids, branches, evergreens, birch, everything red and green.  I’ve decked my halls with all of these things and I’ll share that full reveal soon (or for a sneak peek go check out my inspiration.)  I will also be carrying this theme over to my gift wrapping…

My biggest inspiration for my Christmas decor and wrapping this year though is plaid.  I love plaid…I *may* have bought all the members of my family plaid shirts for the holidays…when we’re wearing them we kind of look like a group of lumberjacks, but I secretly love that.  Shhhhh, that’s the Canadian in me.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

I wanted to mix up patterns and textures in my wrapping, but at the same time have them all match in a weird mismatched kind of way.  But I think it works.  Plaid on plaid, kraft paper, white & black paper, more plaid and some homemade gift attachments.  LOVE.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Oooh, I spy R2D2 in here.  Somehow I missed that when I was taking my pictures, but it gave me a good laugh!  I have a house of boys waiting not so patiently for the new movie to come out!

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Anyway, I had some fun putting all of these gifts together…I enjoyed playing with patterns and textures.  This first gift is wrapped with a kraft paper like wrapping that I ordered from TinyPrints!  It looks so nice with the blue & green plaid ribbon, and cranberry wreath ornament.  These cranberry wreaths are very easy to make, and they finish off the gift wrapping so nicely.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

All you have to to to make these cranberry wreaths, is string fresh cranberries onto some wire and bend the wire into a circle shape, then glue on a couple sprigs of evergreen tree.  Done.  Pretty and festive!

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

I also really like black and white for the holidays, which I know isn’t classically Christmas, but these colours are so easy to make festive by adding in splashes of colour.  For this gift I also used wrap from TinyPrints, and I bought some emerald green ribbon to tie around it which pairs so beautifully with the black and white paper.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

To add a little more colour I made the cookie cutter ornament to hang from the ribbon.  I just glued some plaid wrapping paper to the back of the cookie cutter and trimmed the edges.  Not only does it look festive, but your gift recipient also receives an ornament for their tree!  On a side note, my puppy loved this ornament so much she tore it off the present 5 minutes after I got all of my pictures, and proceeded to eat the paper.  Puppies are good times.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Anyhoooo, have I mentioned how much I love plaid?  This gift wrapping is my favourite.  F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E.  I absolutely adore this red and black check pattern.  Finished off with some white and black check ribbon and a few bottle brush trees, this gift wrap is adorable.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

These trees.  I love them so.

Traditional and Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now that I’m done giving you a tour under our tree, it’s time for even more gift wrapping ideas!  Make sure to head on over to these creative and talented bloggers sites and show them some love!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

From left to right, they are:

Mini Wreath Gift Tags for Christmas by Satori Design for Living

Stationery Gift Box Set by Fynes Designs

Traditional & Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas by me!

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Using Wrapped Gifts as Christmas Decor by Craftberry Bush

How to Wrap Your Christmas Baking by The DIY Mommy

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 Thank you so much for being here today!  I hope you left feeling inspired to get wrapping!

Happy Holidays!


Thank you to TinyPrints for all of the gorgeous holiday gift wrap!

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  1. I love looking a gift wrapping ideas! I’m really not that great a wrapper so I love all the great ideas I can find. Love the cookie cutter and the cranberry wreath ornament. They just add so much more to the wrapping. Very pretty!