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A Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve put together A Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide to give you some ideas for this hard to buy for age (13-16)!

Updated for the 2020 Holiday Season!

Teenagers are so hard to buy gifts for…especially girls because they can be very particular about the things they wear and want. Actually let me rephrase that, if you don’t have a good list they are hard to buy for.  But given the opportunity to provide a list of things they want, I have found from experience that teenage girls are more than happy to tell you what they like! This Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide was put together by my daughter who is 14 (grade 9).  And she is a very girly girl so most of the items on this list are pretty feminine!  I think it’s a wonderful list of things and I’m so happy she took the time to put it together for you!  I hope you can find some ideas for the teenage girl in your life!

A Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through one of the links, I receive a small commission, but at no cost to you!  Thank you for supporting ‘A Pretty Life’, and helping to make this blog possible!  xo

Teenage girls love their makeup!

It wouldn’t be a Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide without makeup!  This Too Faced Enchanted Beauty Make Up Set is high on the list for my teenage girl!  This set comes with 12 eyeshadows, blush, highlighter and mascara.

More makeup!

One thing I have noticed about my daughter and her friends is that they are all really into make up.  I have no idea why they need so much and so many of the same things, but I don’t ask.  This Anastasia Sugar GLOW KIT (it’s a highlight powder kit) is also on my daughter’s list this year.

Curling Wands

Another thing you may also have noticed with teenage girls, is that most really like to do their hair.  This Ceramic Curling Wand would make a great gift for those who want to create curls with no kinks.  If this ends up in our house, chances are that I will use it too…curling wands make great curls and beach waves in long and short hair!

Curling Wand

Don’t forget the lips!

This Too Faced Christmas Snuggles & Melted Kisses Liquid Lipstick Set is such a cute stocking stuffer!  Comes with four essential, travel-size Melted Matte Lipsticks.  I’ve *might* have added this to my list too!  😉

Puffy Jackets are in!

Clothes are so hard to buy for teenage girls.  But I do know that puffy jackets are in this year.  My daughter LOVES this Boxy Puffer Jacket from H&M, so I added it to the gift guide.  It’s so cute and inexpensive too!

The Loveliest Earrings

I have a pair of these Mini Honour Shield Stud Earrings from So Pretty by Cara Cotter, and I love them so much.  I think teenage girls would love them too.

Mandala Wall Tapestry

My daughter is on a mission to update her bedroom this year and has put together some really nice ideas of things she’d like to see in her space.  Wall tapestries are really popular right now, and this Mandala Wall Tapestry is the one she has picked for her room.  I actually really really like it.  She plans to string some white lights along it as well.

Mandala Wall Tapestry

Room Decor

But #1 on my teenage girl’s wish list is a new bed frame!  She is hoping this white steel bed frame from IKEA ends up under the tree this year!  I like it as well because it’s pretty and the price is really reasonable.  We’ll see what Santa has to say.

leirvik-bed-frame-white__0250175_pe388522_s4I hope you found some inspiration here in my Teenage Girls Holiday Gift Guide that you can use for your own holiday shopping!

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Have a very Merry day!


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  1. I love the wall tapestry! My little one is only 8 but I know she would love that too! ..and makeup is a huge thing for all ages, I want the highlight kit for myself. Great guide! Thanks for linking up for #12D!aysofGiftGuides