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A Men’s Holiday Gift Guide: 11+ Ideas

A Men’s Holiday Gift Guide with 11+ ideas for your the men in your life!  Gifts in all different price ranges to help you with shopping.

Updated for the 2021 Holiday Season!

Today I’m super excited to share a post written by my husband, Tobin!  I thought it might help you to have some ideas for gifts for the men in your lives, because I know how hard they are to buy for.  Seriously, why are men SO hard to buy for?  I hope this guide will give you some useful ideas so you can get your Christmas shopping done relatively stress free.

A Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Hello A Pretty Life readers, I’m Tobin, the husband behind the blog!  I’m hoping that I can shed some light into what to buy for your men this holiday season.  Whoever said it is better to give than to receive never got a custom splitting axe for Christmas.  Being a husband and a father seems to have triggered some sort of auto response when asked for a gift list for the holidays.  “Oh, I could use some work shirts, a new pair of gloves, maybe a new shaving kit…”  I ask for the practical things, the everyday things that we need…BORING!  Sure the shaving kit is something I need but let’s be honest, I am just going buy it anyway.  Do you want see your guy light up like a Christmas tree?   Give him something he wants, but would never buy…let’s do this!  Here is my Men’s Holiday Gift Guide with 11+ ideas!

For the Outdoorsman

I love to go camping.  One of my favourite things to do when we camp is split wood for the fire.  Most axes out there are run of the mill, big box store axes.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the mainstream axe – they cut wood just fine.  But when you pull up to the group campground and your guy can pull out an axe with hand forged steel and an American Hickory handle, he is going to chop wood like a champion and be the envy of every firestarter in the campground.  If your guy already has an axe, you can never go wrong with a camping hatchet.  If your guy splits wood in flip flops you may want to skip this one…I’ve added one of these Gransfors Bruks Axes to my list this year.




Watches need not be cliche!

Especially when they look like this. If I found this MVMT Men’s CHRONO 45 Collection Watch under the tree this year I’d be pretty thrilled!  Watches have come a long way over the years.

Men moisturize too!

Like so many men I try to ignore the fact that I have dry skin. I mean who doesn’t just wash their face with bar soap and call it a day?  Well I’m learning my lesson and realizing that I need to take care of my skin.  I’ve started using this Kiehl’s Since 1851 Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer for Men, and my skin has never felt better.  I also like this Facial Fuel Face Wash.  These are great stocking stuffers!

For the Cook

I love to cook and have been using an old set of knives we got over 15 years ago as a wedding present.  They work fine and I could probably use them until I either cut off all my digits or get so old I only eat mushy food, but where is the fun in that?!  If I find Japanese handcrafted steel under my tree this Christmas, I am going to be happier than Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo.  Paring knives are a good start and chef knives are over the top.  For the guy who already has a good set of knives, try a pair of kitchen shears.  This is one of those win-win gifts, your guy is inspired to cook more and you can enjoy the spoils of his labour!  I’ve been eyeing up knives from Knifewear.com!


For the outdoor cook!

If you’ve got a hunter/gatherer on your list, get him a cookbook…yes, a cookbook.  This ‘The Hunter Chef Cookbook’ would make a great gift!  Many really unusual but delicious recipes.


Socks for a Cause

Guys can be horrible to buy clothes for.  A safe bet for things that always fit are socks and underwear.  Now I know what you are thinking, socks and underwear are boring.  Not so fast, you can make them exciting…and not in an edible, weirdo kinda way. Online sock stores have come along way from the knee high 80’s gym sock special…unless you are a hipster, they pay a premium for those. For the rest of us, nothing beats a funky pair of socks, the wilder the better! So why not give the gift of socks…some for him and a pair for those in need! For every pair of socks bought, Society Socks donates a pair to charities across North America! You can sign up for a 10-pack subscription box, or buy a 5-pack animal bundle or 10-pack hybrid bundle for your man. Stylish and worthy.


Can’t go wrong with the right underwear!

Next up is underwear.  Gone are the days of Dad opening up the old 3 pack of tightey whiteys.  No one needs to sit through that 5 minutes of uncomfortableness.  Give your guy the gift of comfort and joy.  My favourites are SAXX Underwear, and they are without a doubt, the MOST comfortable and life changing underwear in the universe. 

Can one really have enough toques?

Nah. One must keep their head warm and up to date.  Can’t be caught wearing my hockey team toque from 20 years ago, so why not add one that’s stylish and comfortable?  This Herschel Elmer Beanie in black is on my list this year.

For the Shoe-a-Holic 

Does your guy have 50 pairs of sneakers?  Does he come home with a new pair of kicks everytime he goes shopping?  Are his shoes carefully showcased in your closet?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a Shoe-A-Holic on your hands.  If you want to Mic Drop the Shoe-A-Holic this holiday season, go online and order a pair of custom shoes.  Many top brands have custom options where you can take your guys favourite shoes, pick unique colors and patterns, add text, and essentially make a one of a kind shoe that no one else on the planet has.  Nike and Vans, both have pretty cool custom options!



For the Beer Drinker

Part of the reason I need to go to the gym is my love of craft beer.   An easy gift for craft beer lovers are  large format bottles (think 21 ounce/650 ml), these are great as stocking stuffers.  Check out your local breweries, they usually  have unique seasonal offerings that most Beer Guys will be happy to try.  To take your Beer Guys tasting experience to the next level you can put a set of tasting glasses under the tree.  The Spiegelau Beer Glass Set will tickle any beer geeks tastebuds and have him blaming the turkey for his post dinner ”nap”.  IPA, Stout, and American Wheat Beer Glasses are a good start for any Beer Guy.

Craft Beer Glasses


And with that, I hope you found some ideas from this Men’s Holiday Gift Guide!  I now leave you to find that special gift for that special someone…assuming that special someone is not a flip flop wearing, watch hating, underwear avoiding, non drinker who hates exercise.  If that is the case, soap on a rope might do the trick.

 Happy Holidays,

Tobin  (AKA the blogger husband)

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  1. Thanks for the great picks for Christmas! Completely not blaming you but For other disclosure purposes, the Jord watch I received here in Canada had a brokerage charge of $63.46!!! Yikes, I wasn’t expecting that!!