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Best Non Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes

Are you wondering what to serve for Christmas Dinner that isn’t a traditional roast turkey? Well look no further, here are some delicious Best Non Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes for you! You can choose from beef, ham, pork, pasta and even some non-traditional turkey recipes. The menus include a main course, side dish ideas, desserts and even some festive drinks. All delicious, special and festive for the holiday season.

What can I serve instead of traditional turkey?

When most people think of a traditional Christmas dinner, they think of the classics like roast turkey as the main dish on the holiday table. But if you don’t want to make a full turkey, or just feel like something entirely different instead, there are plenty of other delicious options you can try (who knows, maybe you’ll even create some new Christmas traditions). So if you’re looking to try something different this year, I’m sharing some delicious recipes for your Christmas meal here! (These are also great options for Christmas Eve dinner.)

Non-Traditional Turkey Ideas for Christmas Dinner

If you want turkey for Christmas Day but don’t want to make a traditional turkey, here are some options that are easier, and still give you that Christmas turkey dinner flavour you love!

Beef Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Beef is always a nice option for your Christmas dinner table. Prime Rib is always a treat, and it’s especially delicious for special occasions. Or a nice Beef Pot Roast is a great option too. Serve with a salad, buns or popovers.

Ham Menu for Christmas

Another great option for your holiday menu is a baked glazed ham. This Christmas Ham is SO delicious…it’s smothered in an orange-honey-brown sugar glaze that’s always a hit and met with rave reviews! Create a festive spread with some tasty sides, dessert and a festive cocktail!

Pasta Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Another great non-traditional meal at Christmas is pasta. It’s easy, everyone loves it, and you can make many pasta dishes ahead of time. Here are some delicious recipe ideas to consider:

Pork Recipes For Christmas Dinner

Pork roasts, tenderloins or chops are a great option for Christmas dinner too!

Fish and Seafood Ideas for Christmas Dinner

Fish and seafood are also an excellent option for Christmas dinner! Here are some simple, yet special recipes.

More Non-Turkey Christmas Dinner Ideas

I hope you found some delicious non-traditional Christmas dinner ideas for your holiday dinner! I bet you won’t even miss the traditional holiday fare. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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