What’s For Dinner? Pizza Night Menu

What’s For Dinner?  This simple Pizza Night Menu is ready in under 1 hour!

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It’s time again for What’s For Dinner!  As we get closer to fall, I’m finding the need for menu planning is becoming more important than ever!  When summer hits, routine tends to fly out the window over here, and while I do love that about summer, I do reach a point where I start to crave routine.  So I thought it was a good time to get these  ‘What’s For Dinner’ menu plans going again!

This week I’m sharing a simple Pizza Menu.  You can make this grilled flatbread recipe, or create your own favourite…it’s just having the idea at your fingertip that is helpful.  And the best thing about this menu, is that you can have it all on your table in 1 hour or less.  Cheesy pizza, flavourful Caprese salad and a light and fluffy strawberry whipped cream dessert.  Definitely a family pleaser!

Pizza Night Menu

  • Main Dish:  Cheesy Grilled Chicken Flatbread
  • Side Salad:  Easy Caprese Salad
  • Dessert:  Strawberry Cloud Dessert

Cheesy Grilled Chicken Flatbread

This Cheesy Grilled Chicken Flatbread is a simple and delicious pizza!  Keep things simple and use pre-made crusts, and bagged shredded cheese.  Shortcuts like these make dinner times way less stressful!

Easy Caprese Salad

And for a side dish, this Easy Caprese Salad pairs perfectly with pizza!  We love the mini bocconcini cheese!

Strawberry Cloud Dessert

Then for dessert, this simple and delicious Strawberry Cloud Dessert is perfect!  You can make this dessert in 15 minutes or less!  And if you wish, use blueberries or raspberries instead.  So good.

More What’s For Dinner Menu Ideas:

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