What’s For Dinner? Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu

Recipe ideas for an Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu, including a side dish, vegetable option and dessert!


Last week I kicked off a new weekly blog series where I share a full dinner menu each Sunday, which includes a main dish, side dishes and a dessert.  My hope is that these menus will help to make meal planning just a little bit easier for you.

This week I have put together an Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu with two side dishes and a dessert recipe.  Truth be told, meatloaf night is one of my most favourite kinds of dinner nights!  I love how easy meatloaves are to assemble, but what I like most is that that my family also really enjoys meatloaf…especially with mashed potatoes.  I hope you enjoy this menu!

What's For Dinner?  Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu

Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu:

  • Main Dish:  Classic Meatloaf
  • Side Dish:  Champ Mashed Potatoes
  • Vegetable Side Dish:  Sauteed Green Beans with Basil & Fresh Tomatoes
  • Dessert:  Lemon Raspberry Snack Cake

Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu

This Classic Meatloaf is delicious!  You can have this hearty and delicious meatloaf ready for dinner in just over 1 hour.  I like to bake mine with a tangy ketchup and mustard sauce.

Champ Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a perfect side dish for meatloaf.   These Champ Mashed Potatoes are one of my favourite ways to serve mashed potatoes…the addition of cream and green onions make these extra delicious!

Sauteed Green Beans with Basil and Fresh Tomatoes

These Sauteed Green Beans with Basil and Fresh Tomatoes are a fresh side dish for meatloaf.

Lemon Raspberry Snack Cake

Then serve up Lemon Raspberry Snack Cake for dessert!  Delicious.

A complete and delicious dinner!  I hope you love it.


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Have a delicious day!

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