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Easy 2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

You can have a delicious batch of jam ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes, with this Easy Raspberry Jam. Made with only 2 ingredients!

I’m a big fan of small batch jams. I love being able to take a few cups of very ripe fruit or berries, and turn it in to a delicious batch jam to enjoy on toast or over ice cream. But I think a lot of people don’t make jams because they’re afraid of the canning part of the process, but I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to can your jam. Yes, it’s true.

top down view of a jar of Raspberry Jam

Small Batch Jams are so easy!

With small batch jams, where you only have 1 to 2 cups of jam, canning this small amount isn’t worth it. Why you ask? Because you can finish off a small batch of jam in no time, so there is no need to can it. In fact, these types of jams can last in your fridge for up to 3 weeks, and I know that we can finish them off in less time than that.

a top down view of a jar of Raspberry Jam, surrounded by fresh raspberries and buns

Only 2 Ingredients!

So now when you think about it, making jam is really, really easy. And most times only requires 2 ingredients, the fruit you choose and sugar. Most berries and jam fruits have enough pectin in them that you don’t need to add any extra fruit pectin. The sugar and cooked fruit makes the jam nice and jamm-y without any added ingredients. Really, jams are one of the easiest things to make. And there’s nothing more delicious than homemade jam.

a top down view of a glass jar of Raspberry Jam

Great for very ripe berries.

Raspberry jam is my favourite jam, next to peach jam and homemade strawberry jam. I made this small batch of raspberry jam with some raspberries that I had around that were getting really ripe, really fast. Just add sugar and heat, and you have jam.

Easy 2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

Some tips for making this recipe:

  • Raspberries: You can use frozen or fresh raspberries. Frozen raspberries will have more moisture, so the jam may take a little longer to cook down.
  • How to know when the jam is done? You will know the jam is ready when you drag a wooden spoon through the jam, if the jam is thick enough, the spoon will leave an open trail.
  • How to store this jam? The batch of this jam is so small you don’t really need to seal the jars because you will use it up so fast! Just store the jam in a jar with a lid and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.
  • Preparing jar for the fridge: Make sure the jar you use to store this jam is clean. I usually run mine through the dishwasher first (or clean it in hot soapy water).
  • Can I freeze this jam? Yes! Store the jam in air-tight containers in your freezer for up to 3 months.
  • Serve this jam on toast, in sandwiches, over ice cream, with pancakes, on biscuits, or stirred into yogurt.

Be sure to check out the full recipe and ingredient list below


2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

A pot of 2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam

This small batch jam makes about 1 cup. You can have a delicious batch of jam ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes, with this Easy 2 Ingredient Raspberry Jam recipe!

  • Author: Jo-Anna Rooney
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cup 1x
  • Category: Jam
  • Method: Stovetop


Units Scale
  • 1 lb raspberries (about 3 heaping cups of raspberries)
  • 2/3 cup of granulated sugar


  1. In a medium saucepan or skillet combine raspberries with the sugar.
  2. Over low to medium heat, cook the raspberry/sugar mixture, stirring constantly on a low boil. Simmer and stir until the mixture thickens. You must stir constantly, making sure to reach the bottom of the pan, or your jam will burn.
  3. You can use a potato masher to help break down the raspberries.
  4. Cook the mixture for about 10-15 minutes. You will know the jam is ready when the mixture is thick enough to leave an open trail behind the spoon when you drag the spoon through the jam. You will recognize the consistency when it’s ready.
  5. Remove from heat, and let cool completely before serving.
  6. Enjoy!

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Recipe Idea to Try with your Raspberry Jam!

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I swirled in some homemade raspberry jam into cream cheese and brownie batter and made these Raspberry Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

I hope you enjoy this homemade raspberry jam recipe! Have a delicious day!

Disclosure:  This post has been sponsored by Kendall-Jackson wines!  But as always the pictures, my voice, all content, and opinions are mine alone.  Happy Summer! xo

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    1. Hi Roxanne
      I haven’t made this recipe with less sugar, so I’m not sure…these quick jams require the sugar to get them to ‘gel’ up. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

  1. I just made this and goodness it is so perfect. Sweet and tart. Delicious, thank you for sharing ❤