What I’m learning about art in my home

Life is too short to have empty walls.  True story.  Here’s what I’m learning about art in my home.

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For years I didn’t hang much of anything on the walls in my home.  I left many of them blank because I was afraid to put a hole in the wall, which when you think about it, is kind of silly.  I always just felt that if it wasn’t the exact perfect piece of art then I shouldn’t hang anything, so instead I had a lot of lonely empty walls.  But I’ve decided that it’s time to get over this because honestly life is too short, and they’re only walls.  Little holes can be fixed.

I started my wall decorating mission in my office and hung some beautiful prints in there, then I moved on to our master bedroom and hung more art.  Now I’m putting my focus on our living and eating space on the main floor, because after we repainted the walls, they were left empty, just waiting to be decorated.

Making your own art {A Pretty Life}2

My most recent piece of art is this photo of a local canola field that I had printed onto a canvas through a company called Canvas and Decor.  What I love most about this piece of art is that I took the picture…it’s my art (you might have even seen it posted on Instagram).  How fantastic is it to have your very own photo hanging on your wall?  What better kind of art is there, than your own?  I really love that this piece of art means something to me, you know?  I remember taking that photo on a hot and muggy day in July of this year, just after I dropped off my kids with my parents so my husband and I could enjoy a week on our own.  I took a little detour off the highway, off into the countryside and snapped this picture.  I love it so much.

Blue skies and yellow canola fields for days.  Sigh.

Making your own art {A Pretty Life}1

I decided to hang it in our eating nook because the colours are perfect in there, matching my yellow door and all the bright accents I have.  It looks like a window into the canola fields and I love it.  This photo has even got me thinking that I should create more prints and have a series of seasonal photos that I can change up every few months…one of fall trees, one of a winter scene, one of spring…you get the idea.  How lovely!

Anyway, I’m really thrilled with this print.  The quality is fantastic, but most importantly it’s inspired me to create more of my own art for our home.  Just think of the possibilities!  You could hang a print of something your children created, or a favourite photo you took…personal and fantastic.

Have an inspired day!


Disclosure:  I worked with Canvas and Decor on this post.  Thank you so much to them for my beautiful canvas!

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