Sunny and Cheerful Office Space

I worked with Minted to give my office a simple and gorgeous face lift!

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One of my favourite and most used rooms in our home is the office.  This space went under a paint transformation a couple of years ago, but after the paint was applied not much else happened in here.  It has sat for the better part of 2 years undecorated, but time gets away on you, you know?  That, and I just really never knew what I wanted to do in this space.  Sometimes I see these amazing office spaces in magazines and on Pinterest, and their amazingness and perfection paralyze me into doing nothing.  But that’s just silly.  I mean, this is MY HOME and I should just be able to decorate it how I want without playing the comparison game, so that’s just what I’m going to do.  If we like it that’s all that matters, right?!

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 5

What I love most about this space is the colour of the walls.  I love yellow and I would seriously paint everything in this colour if I could…in fact our last house was entirely yellow on the main floor!  Anyway, this shade is perfect in our office because the sun basically never shines in here, but the paint always makes it feel sunny.  And like I said before this space was never finished, and what it really needs is some artwork, new chairs (a reading chair), a new light fixture (I’m thinking a chandelier of some kind) and some organizing pieces.  So we’re tackling it one step at a time, starting with new art.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space

I was approached by Minted to see if I would be interested in trying out some of their art pieces in my home.  I think Minted is most well known for cards and stationary, so I was surprised to find out that they offer a reasonably priced selection of art created by a community of independent artists.  There are so many art and home decor pieces to choose from, including pillows and lamp shades!  Who knew?

I had some fun looking through the site, but I was immediately drawn to this Lush Art Print.  I just knew that the bold and bright flowers on the black background would pop perfectly on my yellow wall.  I ordered it in a really large size (30″x30″) so that it would fit the space behind my desk, and I think in hindsight I could have gone even larger, but I love it nonetheless.  I am SO happy with this piece…it makes me smile when ever I’m in here.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 2a

It’s really perfect in here. So cheery and pretty.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 8aa

I also chose this Aria Art Print with its bold and bright colours.  I hung this print on a blank side wall in my office that I didn’t know what to do with, and it fits perfectly.  I love that I can see glimpses of it from my kitchen space and as I walk around my main floor.  It’s such a gorgeous pop of colour.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 3

I was also very happy to see that Minted had a gorgeous selection of pillows to choose from.  I think pillows are the perfect accent to any room…they’re pretty and provide extra comfort.  When I unpacked my new Minted pillows I was struck with how great the quality was…the insert on these pillows is dense and soft and feels substantial (not cheap at all).  I also appreciate that I can take the covers off and wash them.  I’d definitely purchase more pillows from here.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 7

I chose the Organic Dot Pillow and the Dalmation Pillow to add some visual fun to my office space.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space 6

I also got this Tribal Arrows Pillow that looks so pretty on my office chair.  I have a thing for little arrows.  So pretty.

Sunny and Cheerful Office Space
Molly loves it in here too.

Slowly slowly this space is coming together.  Now that the art is hung I feel inspired to keep going and get this space finished…my way.

Have an inspired day!


Thank you Minted for my new art pieces and pillows, I truly love them!
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  1. Love everything about this space! The yellow is so bright and cheerful and the art and pillows really bring it together. Plus Molly adds her very own awesomeness to the room too. 🙂