Some of my recent fall fun!

Sometimes this blogger gig has some pretty fun perks.  I’ve got to admit it.  Ones like e-mails asking if I want to test drive cars.  Um.  Yes.  I would.  One such opportunity came up last month, and I was asked if I wanted to test drive a Ford Explorer for 7 days!  Heck ya I do!  There wasn’t any real expectation to promote the truck, but because I loved it so much, and enjoyed my time with it immensely, I just really felt like sharing our week with it!  You may have already seen most of these photos if you follow me on Instagram!

I didn’t really believe I would be allowed to drive away in this beautiful truck, until I was actually pulling away from the lot, feeling a little like I stole it, I might add… 😉  And I have to say I fell in loooooove.  We all did.  We got spoiled with fancy options, remoteless entry, back up cameras, air conditioned seats…and that new car smell.  Ahhhh, there just nothing like the new car smell.  And can you say #itgoeslikestink  🙂

We had big plans to take this Explorer and test drive it out in Kananaskis Country, but just like every September at least one of my kids gets a stomach bug.  This year was no exception… with less than perfect timing my son was down for the count on the weekend.  So no road trip for us!  But that didn’t stop us from having some some fun with it in the city during the work week!  I actually think this was more fun…there was no pressure, just real every day life.  And real life is great!


So around we went, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, nibbling on pumpkin scones (and not in the truck, don’t worry Ford!) enjoying our fall farmers markets and harvest fields.  This time of year is just so gorgeous and inspirational isn’t it?!


Markets full of summers bounty…yum.  I just can’t resist the bins full of fruits and veggies so I take a tonne of pictures…sorry for the overload on Instagram but I just can’t help myself!  But just look at those tomatoes, and apples and gourds…oh my!

Anyway, we had a really great week with our Ford Explorer…it felt so nice to drive such a beautiful truck for 7 days!  Thank you Ford!


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  1. I just love reading your blog! Your cheerfulness and optimism always inspire me. 🙂

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and sadly we don’t get all four seasons here in the desert, except in Flagstaff where it’s higher altitudes and forest. I am always so envious seeing the beautiful pictures people post in places that get to experience a true fall, with color changing leaves and all.

    You are so lucky that you got to drive around a Ford Explorer all week! What an amazing opportunity.

  2. Interesting comment that you felt like you stole it, I just drove it like it was stolen! The Explorer was a blast to drive….when I could get behind the wheel that is!