My Home Office Makeover Part 1

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Todays post is going wellllll away from food!  I’ve been so busy in the kitchen lately that I’m taking a little recipe break…but not a long one because, well, I’m pretty much addicted to baking & cooking!  🙂  But for now, I’m excited to turn my attention to my home and the long list of things that need done to it.  I love our home and up until recently it hasn’t required much attention because it’s only a few years old.  But now, after 3 kids, and about 7 years here it’s becoming painfully obvious that we need to give it some TLC.  Which really, is fine by me because I love a good DIY project!  And especially a DIY project that requires a room transformation using paint!

I love the power of paint…how one day you can have one look, and within a few hours you have a completely new room.  Love love love that!  And it just so happens that we have quite a few rooms that need a fresh coat of paint.  But the one room that we really wanted to make over was our home office.  Our home office is the second most used room in our home, next to our kitchen.  It is an office space, it’s been a bedroom, it’s a guest room, and now it needs a refreshing.

We have a list of things that we would like to do to this space, but repainting it was #1 on that list, so that’s where we started.  So here we go…Part 1 of our office makeover.



I’ve always loved our home office, and feel so lucky to have a space that the kids can use for homework, and that I can use to blog.  But all of a sudden I decided that it really needed to be freshened up.  While I’ve always loved the dark brown walls, I felt it was time to brighten things up.  Honestly, if I had my way, every cabinet, every baseboard, every door and every wall would be white.  Paint it all white.  And my husband not so much…so we compromised and agreed on a sunny yellow colour from CIL Paint.


So we applied 1 coat of the CIL Realife Interior 100% Acrylic Latex Problem Solver Primer.  We only had to apply 1 coat of primer to cover the dark brown paint…amazing!  And by we, I mean my husband.  But I carefully supervised.  🙂  Then 2 coats of the CIL Realife Ultra Premium Interior Paint in a custom yellow colour was applied, and voila!



A bright and cheery office space was born!


This room is a work in progress, and we have much to do with it still (like wall hangings).  But this is what we have done thus far:

  • Primed and painted the walls.
  • Moved the desk away from the wall, and faced it out the door.  I love this arrangement because for one, I’m no longer staring at the wall, and two, I can keep an eye on what’s going on in our home.  Plus it is much more welcoming and the kids come in to sit with me more often now that its open.
  • Added a dresser for storage.  I needed some storage space for our office supplies, but I didn’t want open shelving, and all the cabinets that we looked at were either too small or too expensive.  Then I thought, why not buy a dresser?  This dresser from IKEA was the perfect solution to our storage needs.  It’s big enough to hold papers, a printer, all my cards, pens, photo props, you name it…but it doesn’t overwhelm the room.  It’s perfect in here, and I love it!


What we are hoping to do next:

  • Add some wall art above the dresser.
  • Buy a new light fixture…I’m thinking of a chandelier of some sort.
  • Add a chair in the corner by the window, somewhere we can curl up and read.
  • Add a family photo gallery to one wall.
  • Figure out a better computer cord solution.
  • Accessorize.


We still have some work to do, but so far we are loving this space.  It’s bright and cheery and very inviting!  But when we have it all done, I’ll post an update for you to see!  I’m hoping it will be sooner, rather than later…we’re looking at lights this week!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Have an inspired day!

Disclosure:   The primer and paint was supplied to me by CIL.  But the opinions expressed here are 100% our own:  We really did love these products…the primer had amazing coverage and the paint went on beautifully!   A big thank you to CIL!

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  1. You might have made more changes since then, but I love the way you were able to take hold of your home office space and not only make it work, but made it beautiful to. I wish I could do something beautiful and gorgeous and useful all at the same time.