Getting our paint on! Again.

I had the opportunity to try out a new paint product by CIL for our hallway paint project, and we’re very happy with the results!

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I have been working with CIL Paint for a couple of years now,  as we repaint and refresh our home.  We’ve repainted our main floor, master bedroom, office space and exterior, so we have really gotten to know their paint, and we love it.  It has the best coverage and wear of any paint we’ve ever used.  So when I was asked to try the CIL Premium Paint, I didn’t expect to like it even better than what we’d been using up to now, but we did.  CIL Premium is a NO VOC product, and is a paint and primer in one.  This paint goes on so smoothly with great coverage!  In fact when we painted this feature wall in our upstairs hallway, we only had to apply one coat, which is so impressive.  If we don’t have to apply more than one coat, we’re thrilled.  Another feature of this paint is that it is a NO VOC product, which means that there is no residual paint smell.  For real.  No stinky paint smell left over…it was like we never even painted.  I love that.

So let’s have a look at what we’re painting with this Premium paint…

Our upstairs hallway and landing area is in desperate need of a refresh.  With 3 young kids our walls have taken quite a beating…a lot of dents, grimy finger prints and scratches, so they’re in prime condition for repainting.  And in keeping with the colour scheme we have been implementing over the years, we decided to change the colour.

Here’s the before of our hallway feature wall:

Hallway Feature Wall Before

All of our walls were painted with this nice taupe colour when we moved in, but after almost 10 years here, I’m ready for something new.

And here’s the after:

Hallway Feature Wall After

We used CIL Premium for Bedrooms, Family Rooms & Hallways, in the colour Jade Frost (50GY 53/033 W/B).  This colour is actually on the same colour chip as the paint we used for our main floor, but it’s just 2 shades darker.  It looks like a grey-blue, which I love.

Now that the feature wall is done and we’re happy with the colour, the next step is to paint the hallway.  I can’t wait until it’s done!

Have an inspired day!


 Disclosure:  CIL Paints provided the paint for this project…so A BIG thank you to CIL for making this wall transformation possible!

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  1. I have used every paint under the sun. The CIL Premium is the best hands down! It was a true “one coater” paint that did not smell and was super easy to roll and dried beautifully. I actually want to paint more as the paint was so good to work with!