Spreading Shoe Love…The Reebok Kids ATV19

Hi friends!  Thank you for stopping in!  I’m doing something a little different today…I’m spreading a little shoe love.

Sometimes blogging brings about great opportunities to review products that you might otherwise not have the chance or thought to try out.  And while I don’t blog about everything, every once in a while there is a product that is too great not to mention!  I will only ever promote something here that I love, or that I think my readers will love.

For example we were recently given the opportunity to try out the brand new Reebok ATV19 shoes for the kids from the Fall/Winter line.  I absolutely jumped at the chance to try them out…we love shoes…who doesn’t love shoes?!

When 3 pairs showed up:  1 pair for each of my kids we were thrilled!  Right away the kids had them on and were running around the house exclaiming how cool they looked and how great the colours were and how fast they were going to be in gym at school!  And the hubby & I were happy that they all had shoes that they liked and would wear!  Woohoo!

The timing of their arrival couldn’t have been more perfect as we were about to head out for a day trip to Kananskis country.  What better place than the mountains to try out ATV shoes?!


 So we packed a picnic lunch and headed out for a day in the mountains…shoes in tow.
Side note:  how gorgeous is Kananaskis Country?!


 Mom got to do a little photo shoot which was fun, then we turned the kids loose to try out their new shoes.  Fun fun fun!


Verdict:  these shoes are great, and the kids LOVE them!
They’re fun, practical and durable.  As a mom, I love that!


These shoes are flexible and have great grip (there are 19 pods on the bottom for grip) which is perfect for the terrain we were hanging out in!  But they’re also great for school gym time which is where my older 2 are using theirs now.  And my 4 year old wears them as his day-to-day shoes because he loves them so much and doesn’t want to take them off.  True story.


 A BIG thank you to Reebok for these shoes!  We think they’re great!


Thank you for reading!  Have an inspired day!Signature


Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this post, but I was given 3 pairs of shoes…one for each of my kids.  And we love them…honestly.  My word is good here!  🙂

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