That week I went outside my comfort zone: Part 2: BlissDom Canada

 Yesterday I shared my fantastic experience at my LINK2013 conference, and today I am going to speak on my attending of BlissDom Canada.  You have likely heard of BlissDom from the conferences in the US, but Canada has one too now, going strong for 3 years, and it’s continuing to grow!

This conference was fantastic.  The group of women attending this event were welcoming, inspiring and SO. much. darn. fun.  I went into this event having met a few people from my time at LINK, so I didn’t feel quite as nervous.  But when I got there, there were over 400 women.  Whoa.  I felt a little apprehensive, but in my mission to go outside my box, I jumped in with both feet.  I mingled, and met so many women I have met through Facebook and Instagram, and getting to meet them in person was so great.

Anyway, here we go…a little look into my time at BlissDom Canada!


Did I mention that I met up with my Mom at Blissdom?!  My mom is also a blogger, which makes explaining what I do for a living to my family a non-issue.  I love having someone so close to me speak the same language!  So we both jumped into this event with 2 feet.

We kicked off the event with crazy amazing Blissdom donuts from Tim Hortons.  I have to say, Tim Hortons was an incredible sponsor…they had the most fun room where they dished out all you can drink coffee, you could decorate your own donut, take some pictures against their chalkboard walls or just lounge around on giant bean bag chairs.  I found myself in this room just a few times!

But the fun really started at the Meet & Greet on the Thursday night, sponsored by 19 Crimes wine.  This wine by the way, is very good.  And that’s me getting my mug shot!  Too fun!


The next morning we were treated to the best opening session ever.  Have I mentioned my love of Matt Dusk?  Well here it is.  I love Matt Dusk.  Is he not the cutest little thing you ever did see?!  Our morning was kickstarted by our host Eric Alper and a little crooning by Matt Dusk along with SiriusXM radio hosts Ward & Al.  This session was my most favourite by far.  It was fun, uplifting and just the right energy to get the conference started!

All of the sessions were so great.  Some of my most favourites were: one on book writing hosted by Julie of Dinner with Julie (a local gal that I have been following for years), a session on taxes hosted by Angele of (I learned the most from this session by far!), and a Power Hour filled with inspiration from amazing speakers like Elan Morgan of Schmutzie, Erica Ehm of YummyMummy Club, Chris Read of Canadian Dad.

But there was one session that impacted me the most on an emotional level.  On Friday afternoon we ended the day with a session on Social Etiquette…with the takeaway being let’s just all be nice to each other online.  Make the internet world a better and more kind place.  I enjoyed the session, but what touched me most was the presence of Glen Canning who is the father of Rehtaeh Parsons.  Their story is well known, and incredibly heartbreaking.  And I could barely sit through the session because I really truly feel heart broken by their story.  We desperately need to contribute to a better world.  I was so amazed that he came to speak to us…so honoured really.

All in all I enjoyed the all the keynote speakers and information sessions.


But the real fun was in between all the learning!  The real fun was in all the networking with both brands and sponsors!  By the way, that gorgeous gal with Oprah is my mom!  How fun!  And yes, that is a cardboard Oprah…but we’ll take what we can get!

Like I said I did a lot of networking and visiting at BlissDom…I think my voice went down an octave from all my gabbing!  But I enjoyed meeting so many great bloggers like Dana (greatest gal ever), Kim, Heather, Anne Marie, Olfa, Candice, the gals from SavvyMom and so many more!  I really really really enjoyed this part.  Like I said yesterday…it’s all about being part of a community.  And I really truly feel like I am part of a great one!  The Canadian blogging community is fun, knowledgeable, welcoming and so great!  And HUGE.  Blogging is big in Canada…who knew?!  😉


But all good things must come to an end!  And what’s the best way to end BlissDom?! With PJ’s, wine, dancing, massages and manicures!  Yes.  I was exhausted and SO ready to go home after my week away…looks like someones little family just might have missed me hahaha!  🙂


So overall, here is some of the greatness that I took away from my BlissDom experience:

  • “People will tell you that you can’t do it, because they can’t do it. Stand up for your beliefs.”  – Eric Alpert
  • I may consider writing a cookbook someday.  Not today.  Maybe someday.
  • “Opportunities live where risk is.”  – Freshbooks  Yes.
  • If you’re not kind on the internet, you are NOT kind.  Period. We all have the choice to do something that will bring more kindness or more nasty into the world.  Truth.
  • “It is not a failure to be in the middle of your story.”  – Elan Morgan  Yes. A hundred times over.
  • “Using the word ‘just’ gives people permission to expect less from you.”  -Drew Dudley  SO true.
  • I asked myself a tough question:  What does success for my blog look like?  I’m not sure yet, but I’m figuring it out.
  • Aaaaand I still hate flying.
  • I can do this.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –
BlissDom was so well done!  The organizers did an amazing job with bringing together sponsors, brands, speakers and bloggers!  I will always be grateful for my BlissDom experience and will definitely be attending next year!

Go Canada!!

  Have an inspired day!


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  1. hank you for your write up! I really wanted to go, but a part of me was relieved I didn’t makes it as this would be WAY out of my comfort zone. I’m not a terribly outgoing person and I get very scared that (especially women!) there will be cliques! I’m hoping to get to BlogWest Media in Vancouver at the end of March!

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Believe me, this was way out of my comfort zone too! But I’m so glad I went…and it wasn’t at all cliquey which is amazing! I really, really enjoyed BlissDom! Enjoy BlogWest…I heard it was great!