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Simple Summer Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Welcome to my Summer Kitchen Tour where I’m sharing some Simple Summer Kitchen Decorating Ideas! Easy and pretty ideas to make your home feel fresh for the sunniest season of all.

Hello friends!  I’m participating in the Seasonal Simplicity Summer blog hop series hosted by my friend Krista of Happy Housie, and this week we’re sharing our homes/rooms decorated for summer.  In case you missed my first post in this summer series, you can find my Summer Garden Mantel here.  Be sure to visit all of the summer tours in the links at the bottom of this post, there is SO much summer decorating inspiration for you. xo

Celebrate Seasonal Changes!

I love to decorate and/or freshen my home for each season that arrives. I look forward to the change in scenery and sense of newness it brings. This is especially true this past year and a half as we’ve been staying closer to home, with the days, months and seasons seeming to all blend together. I find taking the time to make simple seasonal decor changes and refreshes really helpful and invigorating! So today I’m sharing some simple tips and ideas for a summer kitchen.

Start fresh!

One of my favourite things about putting together any home or room tour for my blog, is the deep clean I am forced to perform to make my home presentable to you haha! 😉 But seriously though, I love love that fresh feeling of a deep cleaned home, especially in my kitchen. A great place to start before any summer kitchen decorating is to give it a good scrub (here are some tips I put together for a good deep kitchen clean).

Put away all the bits and pieces that seem to accumulate on counters. Wipe down the cupboards, clean the windows, fill your pantry jars. A good clean kitchen feels fresh for summer, and is all the decorating you really need!

Simple is great.

We do not need to give our homes a complete makeover or overhaul every season. There’s no need to be buying all new things, or changing the theme all the time, it’s easy to work with what you have, or buy little things on a budget. Shop around your home, gather things from your yard, or visit a thrift store, garage sale or garden centre for inexpensive decor pieces.

Sometimes something as simple as a bowl of seasonal fruit is enough!

Create a little Kitchen Herb Garden!

Some of the most simple and most impactful decorations you can add to you home are plants!  Plants are all the rage this year, and I’m here for it…outdoors, indoors, give me all the plants. I’ve got them in my office, on my mantel and on my front porch, and I’ve also started growing them in my kitchen, more specifically, fresh herbs. I love having fresh herbs right at my fingertips, and even better if I can grow and access them in my own kitchen! This time of year garden centres are brimming with potted herbs so it’s the best time to create a small indoor kitchen herb garden.

Just gather together some pretty indoor pots and grow your favourite herbs in a sunny spot in your kitchen area. Instant, practical and delicious decoration!

Flowers make every space feel more beautiful!

Summer is my favourite season for so many reasons, but the biggest one is a garden full of fresh flowers! Fresh flowers outdoors, means a steady stream of summer bouquets indoors. Fresh flowers always bring a room to life, so if there’s one thing you can do to freshen up your kitchen, add a bunch of flowers. Even if you don’t have a garden of flowers, the markets are full of beautiful seasonal blooms you can bring home!

Switch out tea towels and rugs for seasonal pieces.

A really simple way to update your kitchen for a new season is to add some pretty accessories like tea towels and area rugs. Again, just easy and inexpensive ideas that give your kitchen an instant refresh.

More Quick and Simple Ways to Add Summer to Your Kitchen:

  • Switch out your curtains for light and airy panels.
  • Put a few seasonal cookbooks out on display.
  • Add a new hand soap with seasonal scents to your sink.
  • Put out a bowl of season fruit.
  • Switch out your wall art with seasonal pieces.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming on a little tour of my summer kitchen! I’m so lucky to have you here, and I hope you found some simple ideas for your own home decorating.


Now it’s time so see more pretty homes all decorated for summer! Just click on the links below as they are shared throughout the week. Next up on this Seasonal Simplicity Summer Home Tour is the home of Melaine at My Sweet Savannah, so make sure to check out her beautiful space!

Happy Summer!

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  1. Simple is good- you are speaking my language! Love your simple summer ideas and I think summer is the best time for simplifying… Less clutter means less time cleaning and more time with the kids.