Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean is easy with just a few simple deep kitchen cleaning tasks that can be done once a month! Tips for your garburator, microwave, fridge, drawers and more.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we gather to share conversation and meals together, it’s where the party always ends up…it’s one of the hardest working spaces in our homes. And it is for these reasons that I like to keep my kitchen pretty sparkling on a daily basis. I’ve shared tips to keep your kitchen clean every day, and today I’m going to share some tips for deep cleaning this space. These are deep cleaning tasks that don’t need to be done every day, but rather monthly…things like cleaning the microwave or coffee pot. And you may notice that I don’t use harsh chemicals to clean my home, in fact I use vinegar for almost everything. 

Cleaning the Garburator/Garbage Disposal

I clean my garburator about once a week, or more if it gets smelly. I like to do this using a 1:1 ratio of baking soda to vinegar.

  • First I add 1/2 cup baking soda into my garburator, then I pour on 1/2 cup of vinegar.
  • Let sit for at least 15 – 30 minutes.
  • After this time, rinse thoroughly with hot water. To do this, run your water at the hottest level, while running your garburator.
  • Don’t forget about your garburator plug! It should go into the dishwasher at least once a week, or everyday if you remember.
How to Clean a Garburator

Washing Kitchen Chair Cushions

In our home, I find removable kitchen chair covers are a necessity. They get used as napkins by kids, paint splatter collectors, the cat bed, you name it! So into the washer they go. So easy. This can be done when ever you think it’s necessary…once a week or once a month depending on how dirty they are.

Cleaning the Oven

Two words, self clean. Seriously, the self cleaning option is the best. I don’t like to use harsh chemicals, so I’m happy with the self cleaning option. Once the cycle is complete, I just wipe out the ash with a clean damp cloth. For stubborn grime I like to use Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Cleaning the Coffee Pot

I like to clean the coffee pot about once a month. It gets used a lot, so it develops quite a mineral build up.

  • To do this, run 2 cups of white vinegar through first (just like running a regular coffee cycle, but with no coffee grounds).
  • Then run a full pot of water through at least 5 times. Just smell it and see if you need to run more water through.
  • After all that, I also like to make one pot of coffee, then I dump it out. This seems to get rid of any residual vinegar.

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

To get my sink sparkling, I use Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner or Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser or this Bar Keepers Friend Foam Spray (these are affiliate links). Both are great and you hardly need any so they last a long time. My favourite though is the Bar Keepers Friend. I just add some of the cleaner to a damp cloth then scrub my sink with it. The result is a shiny and clean sink! I also use this stuff on so many other things in my kitchen, it’s a great non-toxic scrub for taking crayon, pen (and red wine rings) off my counter tops. I also use it on my ceramic stove top to remove burnt on food.

Cleaning the Microwave

Cleaning the microwave can feel like such a daunting task, but really it isn’t. This method that I use is safe and easy! Put a bowl of water with few slices of lemon in it, then microwave on high for 5 minutes. This steams off all of the cooked on food on the inside of the microwave, making it easy to just wipe off with soap and water. Make sure you don’t forget to wash the turn table and the microwave dish splatter cover if you have one.

How to Clean Your Microwave

Cleaning the Cupboards

Give your cupboards a good wipe down with hot water and soap. Sometimes I will add a cup of vinegar to the soapy water in the sink, and this really helps to remove grease, especially above the stove area.

Organizing the Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawers collect a lot of dust, crumbs and garbage over time, so a good deep clean once in a while is a good idea. I just use hot soapy water to clean them out. And while you’re there, it’s a great time to organize the drawer too. Here are some tips for organizing your kitchen drawers.

Organizing and Cleaning the Fridge

Fill your sink with a hot soapy water and add some vinegar. Then wipe down the inside and outside of your fridge, making sure not to forget the top. And don’t stop there! If you like an organized fridge, visit this other post I wrote on Tips for an Organized Fridge.

Cleaning the Dishwasher

Sometimes when we’re cleaning our kitchens, we can overlook our hardest working appliances, like the dishwasher. Yes dishwashers need cleaning too! To clean the inside of your dishwasher, fill a dishwasher safe container filled with 1 cup of vinegar, and place it on the top rack inside the dishwasher. Run a complete cycle with nothing else in it except for the vinegar. It will come out sparkling! After this is done, I like to scrub all the edging along the inside of the dishwasher doors, with a toothbrush. And if you’re into organizing, you might also like the post I wrote on Tips for Cleaner Dishes!

Deep cleaning your kitchen isn’t hard if you tackle even just one thing a day. Start with the garburator, then clean the dishwasher tomorrow! You’ll be glad you did…a deep cleaned kitchen feels great.

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  1. Great job!! I am still procrastinating. Ugh. Must make a start today, I know once I get started I will feel better and want to keep going! x

  2. Some great idaes!! love them all!! You have just inspired me to start my own spring cleaning!! and i love the tips.. and the right adjectives have pushed me into dreaming of glitzy kitchen myself!! its an addiction i tell you..

  3. Thanks for the tips! I clean my microwave by warming up a bowl of vinegar in the microwave, and then wipe. It smells like vinegar but the smell dissipates and the vinegar does a great job of cleaning!

  4. Hi I was wondering what you use to clean your shower ? I’ve tried chemicals, bi carb , vinigar and lemon but still find the glass is foggy

    1. Hi Alice! I use this solution to clean my shower…it’s amazing!
      1 cup Dawn Dish Soap
      1 cup white vinegar
      1 empty spray bottle
      Just microwave the vinegar for 30 seconds to heat it up, add it to a spray bottle and add the soap. Shake it up and spray it on your shower. I let mine sit for a few minutes before I lightly scrub the shower down. It works great!