Have a Cleaner Kitchen Every Day in 10 Easy Steps!

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With the kitchen being at the heart of my home, I like to have it clean on a regular basis.  I’m one of those people who isn’t comfortable or relaxed when my home is a mess.  In fact I find it stressful…a cluttered and messy home for me, means my mind is messy and cluttered.  This doesn’t mean that my home is spotless all of the time, with 5 of us living here it can get pretty crazy at times.  This just means that after meal times I put my kitchen back in order.  Because my kitchen is literally in the centre of my main floor, if it’s not clean, the whole main floor looks and feels messy.

So I admit it, I’m a bit of a cleaning diva…not a crazy one, I just like things in order.  But after having kids I’ve really had to let a lot of that go.  Having said that, my kitchen is my no-nonsense cleaning space…I don’t like fingerprints, so my Smudge Proof Frigidaire appliances are practically made for me, I like the counters clutter free, and the sink free of dishes.  I feel good in a sparkling kitchen.

So I wanted to share some simple and quick tips to keep your kitchen clean every day!


  1. Keep your counters clutter free!  Clutter = mess.  This is especially important to me at the end of the day.  I like to start the next day with a clutter free kitchen.
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  2. Keep all of your cleaning supplies together.  Store them is a bin that is easy to access.
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  3. Use a clean dish cloth and dish towel every day.  Clean cloths make for clean working spaces.– – 
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  4. Keep your sink clean.  Our sinks are the most used spot in our kitchens, so don’t forget to keep them clean.  Before filling up the sink with hot soapy water, make sure to clean it first.  You can use cleaning sprays, antibacterial wipes, a water-vinegar mix or hot water and soap.
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  5. Wipe down the most used spots in your kitchen every day.  After meals wipe down fridge and stove handles, cupboards that were opened with sticky fingers, the microwave, and wipe down all of your counter space.
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  6. Give your floors a quick sweep after dinner.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can sweep after every meal, but once a day is enough.  Plus, waking up to crumb free floors is nice!
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  7. Take the trash out after dinner.  Quick tip:  keep a stack of extra bags in the bottom of your garbage bin, that way they’re always ready to use!
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  8. Run hot water through your garburator every day.  This will keep it clear and free from being plugged.
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  9. Load up your dishwasher every day.  This also helps with point#1!  Keeping your dishwasher loaded, helps to keep clutter and dirty dishes off your counter and out of the sink!  My dishwasher is my #1 tool for keeping my kitchen clean.  Some days I even have to run it twice…it’s a hard working machine.
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  10. Get the family involved!  Have your family members take their plates to the dishwasher themselves, then clean up their own eating space.  Give everyone a job to do.

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It might seem like a lot to do, but once you get in the habit, it takes really no time at all!  I find that taking the time everyday to keep my kitchen clean and clutter free, seems to make the rest of the day, and the next day run that much more smooth.  It’s definitely worth the effort!

Oh, and if you’re looking to give your kitchen a deep clean, I’ve put together a great kitchen cleaning checklist here!


Have a great day!

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  1. I once read a tip that said to shine your sink every night, because walking into a clean kitchen made your day start off so much better- it’s so true! Thanks for sharing all of your tips!

  2. Jo-Anna, you are awesome for sharing this. There will be no more endless scrubbing and struggling for accomplishing a clean kitchen space. Your tips made my life much easier and I thank you with all my heart. Definitely sharing this with all my friends, after bookmarking it. <3