DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump

Well my love of old Mason jars keeps on going…this time it’s a DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump! As you know from my previous posts on my jar obsessions, I love me a good jar. And I love being able to reuse pretty things!

Around Bloggyland, I had seen these soap dispensers, and thought they were so pretty, but just didn’t really know how I could make my own.  Suddenly one day I felt inspired, so on the weekend my hubby bust out the drill, and a pretty Mason jar soap dispenser was born. 

Isn’t she lovely?!

DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump

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What You Need to Make Your Soap Pump:

  • Mason Jar
  • Jar lid
  • Pretty paper to jazz up your jar.  Cut it to fit and cover your tin lid.
  • A pump from an old dispenser.  I took mine off of a lotion jar from the grocery store.  I think you can also buy these at craft stores.  But any old soap dispenser will do.
  • Glue gun.

How to Make Your Soap Pump:

  • Drill a hole in the centre of your lid, so that it is big enough to fit the bottom portion of your pump.
  • Assemble.
  • I used the glue gun on the bottom of the lid, to make a seal between the soap pump and the jar lid.  This will also help to prevent the lid from rusting.
  • Be pretty and pump on!

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Too easy.  So pretty!

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  1. Hello, I seen where people said the lids are rusting well …… I read in another post about using peanut butter lids on jars in the freezer so no rust on jars. I think it would be a perfect solution for the soap dispenser too. You could paint or cover it with fabric to match 🙂

  2. I love this idea! at bath and body works they sell something similar, but it so expensive! And I prefer a more natural soap. Now I can by my soap in bulk and fill my wonderful mason jar pump 🙂