Using Mason Jars for Pantry Organization

Mason Jars are a great option for storing dry goods in your pantry! 

I am not much of a collector, but the one thing I do collect and keep dear to my heart are Mason Jars.  It may seem ridiculous, but, I love the simplicity of them.  The classic look and how they stand the test of time.

And these aren’t just any jars.  These Mason jars were given to me by my in-laws who hold on to many things. And thankfully they do, because we tend to receive a lot of beautiful things!   From the very little research I have done, these jars date back somewhere between 1930 and 1950.  (They all have glass embossed labels that say:  Improved GEM, Made in Canada)

So because I adore these beauties, I like to have them on display in some capacity…the best way to do that is to use them.  I have always used them to store my pantry items like cornstarch, barley, cocoa, oat bran … that sort of thing.

Most of them have beautiful glass toppers and zinc lids, and some don’t, so for those ones, I jazzed them up.  I love how they look all lined up in my pantry, but they deserve better labeling than the dry erase marker I have been using!  So I decided that a little pretty project was in order!

I headed to Michaels and found a roll of chalkboard paper (yes they make it, and it’s amazingly easy to use!  No need for spray painting!).  I also used my 50% coupon and bought a pretty little punch.  The makings of a really cute label!

So easy!  I was done in less than an hour!  The hardest part was writing with the chalk.  I used regular old chalk, and I should have sharpened the end to make writing easier!  I think they turned out so pretty!

Using Mason Jars for Pantry Organization

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  1. Love this!! I am going to have to get organized and do this! I have been saving all my jars when I use them for something and now I have a way to spruce them up! Thanks!

  2. LOl….I thought I was the only one who saved jars!! I shyly asked at work if they would save their big pickle jars for me… I love your chalkboard labels! & will be using that one!

  3. These are GREAT!! I love the idea!! Thanks for sharing!! I store all my cooking stuff in jars and canisters too. I need to figure out a better way to display them, though. Right now they are all in the cupboard.
    I love old things that people have saved…well, most of the time. 🙂

  4. Clever lady! Love the way it looks…I am inspired, will have to make a trip to Michaels. Great post….looking forward to more. Diane

  5. It‘s so nice that I have found your blog about your link on Funky Junk Interiors. So I have scrolled a little and like what I see. Now I’m your new follower! 😉

    Take care

  6. Suh-weet!!
    I first thought “mercy – how tedious to paint all those tiny chalkboard labels on jars”. But NO you used a punch! Amazing!!

    I need to check out Michael’s… I purchased (my second) “Wallies” stick on chalkboard just last week. I hadn’t considered cutting it up… First I’ll check Michael’s.

    Excellent – thanks for the inspiration!

    I’ve stopped by from Funky Junk – nice to meet/follow you!


  7. I love, love this idea. So clever to use the chalkboard paper- would have never thought of that! I’m a jar collector, too. Thanks for sharing – like your lotion idea, too. Our soap dispenser seems to always be empty!

  8. I found you through a link up on IHeartOrganizing and then clicked through to your pretty jars. I love this idea. I get teased all the time about my love of jars – in particular, Ball Mason half-gallon jars for my pantry goods. 🙂

    Thanks for the info about Michael’s and the chalkboard paper!

  9. I love these. Thanks so much for the post–I’m not much of a crafter so I never would have known about these products. I couldn’t find the paper at our local Michaels, but Office Depot had it in their teacher’s department. The paper is self-adhesive, so it makes the project super easy! Now my grains will be all organized in my pantry & I can find what I need. Thanks!

  10. I did this with my pantry last year, but struggled with the chalk always rubbing off. I did some research and finally found a liquid chalk pen on Amazon (a little pricey, but well worth it). I absolutely love love love the look! It comes off with soap and water but not to the touch! Just thought I would share 🙂

  11. Jo-Anna, I went to Michael’s and purchased all of the supplies, but am unsure how to affix the labels to the jars? I’m excited to get started! Thanks.

  12. Hi Jo-Anna, I’m not feeling very smart now…I just checked and mine is the same! Thanks so much for the response. I love your blog!

  13. I do not live close to a Michaels, but found the blackboard labels from the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples last weekend. I had fun filling my jars and labeling them. I love the look! 🙂

  14. This is such a pretty idea and easy with the roll of chalkboard paper. I am soon to have a new pantry and using these on my jar collection would be so pretty! Thanks 🙂

  15. I have though about using the big plastic containers that coffee comes in to make kitchen canisters. I was planning to cover the labels, with fabric material, or shelf paper that would match the color scheme of the kitchen. And give them as gifts. I was planning to use fabric paint to write the names of the contents. After reading your idea about the mason jars. I am planning to redo my pantry. This is a great idea, and you can see at a glance, what’s in each jar. Great idea. Thanks

  16. Great idea. I have old jars that were my grandmas. My husband also has jars. When my sister- in- law moved she gave us her jars and when we moved to a new house the old owners left us their jars!! Now I have another use besides canning. I have a large pantry in my house and also love the look of the jars, and the blackboard label is a great idea. Thank you

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