Back To School: Grand Central Station

We’ve got back to school on our minds now! Only 2+ weeks left until the kids go back, and I’m really torn about it.  I truly love to have them around, and I’m going to miss them loads…but I do love back to school too!

I love the routine, and the start up of all the activities again! And don’t you just love doing all the Back-To-School shopping?!  It’s one of my fave things!

Anyway, I’m way off topic…what exactly does the above little gem have to do with Back-To-School anyway?  Well let me tell you!

So this week while dropping off a load of stuff to goodwill, I had to go inside and see if there were any treasures just waiting for me!  And I found this:


Not much too look at yet.  Not my colour scheme or style.

But I could envision something – it screamed ‘School Grand Central Station’!I don’t know about you, but with school, comes loads and loads of papers, books, notices, agendas…that always end up in a bottomless basket in the kitchen!


In comes this handy-dandy little organizer.
I spray painted it with a few coats of RustOleum’s White Paint in Gloss.
(because everything looks better in white doesn’t it?!)
Added a gorgeous knob from Anthropologie…and now I have a sleek and fun school organizer!

It has a cute little drawer for pencils & homework tools, and the never-ending junk.
Lots of space for agendas, home reading books, notices…
I really love it when you find something inspiring!  It’s hard for me sometimes to see the potential in things at thrift stores, but I go in trying to imagine how something might look with a coat of spray paint!
I just knew I could rescue this little number!  Too fun!

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  1. Ahhh you gave it a complete transformation!! LOVE IT!! The little knob you added is perfect.

    I can imagine how the back to school thing would be a little bittersweet. Enjoy these last 2 weeks with your kiddos at home 🙂

  2. I love this! My kitchen is turquoise and white…I am am turquoise obsessed. I am also all for anything that encourages organization and looks cute at the same time. I think it is great!

  3. Whoa! That is the coolest organizer I’ve seen! Love the size…usually the ones I see are too small for my stuff! I’m gonna keep my eye out for one similar! Thanks!