Anthropologie Inspired Elastic Band Ball

DIY Elastic Band Ball

Recently we were in Anthropologie, and my daughter saw an elastic ball that she loved.  It was cute, but then I looked at the price and the thing cost $15.  Immediately, I thought to myself, I can make that. Seriously, I just can’t pay $15 for a ball of elastics.

But the organizer in me saw an opportunity! When we want elastics for our hair, we can never, ever find them.  They get used as sling-shots by my son, the cat eats them or they just disappear somehow.

So when we got home, I dug out a styrofoam ball we had, and my daughter went on a house hunt for elastic bands.  Then we just wrapped the elastics around the ball, and voila!  All elastics are in one place!

$15 dollar elastic ball from Anthropolgie

DIY Elastic Band Ball

Our free elastic ball.  Looks pretty close to Anthropologie’s!


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  1. What?! First, who thought of the elastic ball idea, then who thought to sell it, and sell it at a ridiculous price!? And who would PAY that amount for it?! Yours is perfect – pretty and functional! 🙂

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