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Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips and a Checklist

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips and a Checklist! Tips and tricks for cleaning your kitchen, including a detailed printable checklist!

My windows and patio doors are now wide open, welcoming in the arrival of spring! I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I am that this time has finally come…it felt like our winter would never ever ever ever end. Like ever. But it has, and overnight spring showers have turned the trees and grass green, my garden is planted and my flower pots are filled. Love love it.

Welcome Spring!

A funny thing also happens to me this time of year with all the fresh air in the house…I want to clean. I want to scrub, dust and vacuum away winter and all it’s dirt and dreariness and make my home feel fresh and clean. Especially in my kitchen. There’s just something about spring that makes me want to clean and organize my kitchen. Spring is a super time to freshen things up…I always say clean is the best decor.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Because my kitchen is the centre of activity in our home, as it is for yours I’m sure, I like to give it a deep clean in the spring. This year I’ve really focused a lot of my efforts on making my kitchen beautiful, so spring cleaning actually felt kind of nice!

Clean one section at a time!

When it’s time for a good spring clean in my kitchen, I like to break down my cleaning schedule by area. So I will start and finish deep cleaning one section of my kitchen before I start another. For example I like to start by doing a deep clean in my eating nook, since this area tends to get overlooked on a daily basis. I get in there and wash my curtains, wipe down walls, the table, chairs, and blinds. Once that’s done I’ll move into the main kitchen area.

a white kitchen

Cleaning the Main Kitchen Area

Next, I turn my attention to the main area of my kitchen and organize and wipe down all of the appliances, cupboards, counters and tile. I toss out old items, clean out bins, wipe down grout, change light bulbs, then mop floors. And if you’re really feeling motivated you can even tackle the pantry. Here is my post on my Real Life Pantry Organizing Tips!

a black and white rug in a white kitchen

The Key is to not get overwhelmed!

The key to spring cleaning is to not get overwhelmed by it. Tackle one thing at a time, even one task a day if that works better for you!  And if you follow a checklist the tasks are even easier to complete. So to help make your life a little easier, I have put together a spring cleaning checklist for your kitchen that will take you beyond routine cleaning, it’s a little deeper and really only needs to be done every once in a while. I think I’ve got everything covered!

First, take inventory of your cleaners!

I keep really simple all purpose cleaners on hand, my favourite is a white vinegar/water 1:1 mix in a spray bottle for cleaning countertops, inside the fridge, shelves, stainless steel appliances, soap scum and water stains. I also keep a glass cleaner filled at all times (I really like Method brand cleaners). And dish soap…there’s nothing better than a sink full of hot soapy water to wash down everything. It’s amazing what you can clean with just a few simple cleaners.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Checklists to help:

I’ve put 3 checklists below that you can print off and use to tackle your spring cleaning. One more general for your whole home, and the other is more specific to the kitchen.

How to use these printable Spring Cleaning Checklists:

  • Just click on the images below, drag them on to your desktop, print and enjoy!
  • Print the sheets off. You can print them in colour or black and white on to letter sized paper. I set my printer to “Fill Page”.

Spring Cleaning List #1 and 2:

I’m sharing 2 checklists here: the first one is a general fill-in-your-own-tasks list. And the second one includes more than just the kitchen, it also gives tips for cleaning your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, play rooms, and even your front porch! I thought you might find it useful. This list comes from a FREE PRINTABLE CLEANING PLANNER that I put together for your whole home, so make sure to download that (it’s free, no strings attached)!

Spring Cleaning List #3:

This checklist will help you deep clean your kitchen! It’s a more detailed list to help you tackle all the kitchen cleaning tasks including cleaning sinks, the insides of shelves, the microwave, light fixtures, floor rugs, linens, the dishwasher, stove, freezer, dining chair cushions and mopping floors.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

More Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

Make the most of cleaning with this


Organize all of your home cleaning tasks with this FREE Printable Cleaning Planner. Includes daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules and checklists, checklists by rooms, seasonal cleaning lists, cleaner shopping lists, and a 30 day declutter challenge! Just download, print and get cleaning!

Let’s grab a microfiber cloth and cleaner and make our kitchen sparkle! Happy cleaning!

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  1. Wow! JoAnna your kitchen is sparkling! I love the white with the teal accents. Your appliances really do shine. They look like showstopper items in the area and really add to the decor! Love it!

    1. Thank you Thea, I’m loving that I finally felt brave enough to add some fun colour to my kitchen! My kitchen makes me feel so happy when I have it all cleaned up and sparkling!

  2. I have part of our kitchen done, but isn’t it hard to keep up? My husband did the windows a couple weeks ago and they’re already looking horrible from the rain and dust- oh well! Love the pops of color in your kitchen- so fun!