Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Simple and practical Kitchen Organizing Ideas.  Real life tips that work to help you keep your kitchen organized!

If you’re looking for simple ideas and practical ways to get your kitchen organized and keep it that way, here are some great tips for you.  Covers everything including organizing your fridge and freezer, organizing kitchen drawers, to pantry storage ideas, linen storage and more.

Organizing Kitchen Linens

One of my favourite ways to organize in my kitchen, is with a chest of drawers. I use it to store all my kitchen linens, towels, napkins, napkin rings and various small kitchen knick knacks that I don’t know where to store.  I keep this set of drawers in the nook of our eating area so it’s easy to access.

Plastic Bins for Storage

Plastic storage bins are a great way to organize and separate different pantry items.  I have separate bins for pasta, rice, soup packets, muffin liners, baking chips…you get the idea.  I also use large plastic bins to store flour, sugar and rolled oats. I also like to keep measuring and levelling tools in these bins, making it handy for measuring right in the container. 

Pantry Organization for Real Life

Mason Jars for Pantry Storage

I love using mason jars to store pantry items like cocoa, corn starch, oat bran, salt and flavoured sugars.  The clear jars make it easy to find things. And for easy organizing and identification, I like to label my jars with chalkboard stickers.

Keeping Drawers Organized

Every once in a while I will tackle all the messes in my kitchen drawers.  To do this I will clean and organize one drawer at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I start by taking everything out of the drawer and throwing out or donating anything I don’t need, then I separate items into different little storage inserts.  You can read more details about my kitchen drawer organizing here.

Keeping the Fridge and Freezer Organized

Keeping the fridge and freezer organized is such a big part of keeping a kitchen organized and running smoothly.  If you know what you have, and can see what you have in an organized way, dinner planning is so much easier.   You can read in more detail how I keep my Fridge Organized here, and my Freezer Organized here.

Tips for Organizing a Spice Cabinet

Spice cabinets can get very messy and out of control quickly!  And it’s hard to keep them organized because real life happens and we cook and bake and things get messy.  So I try to keep my cabinet as organized as possible, and I do this will small storage bins.  I bought the white bin at Ikea and I use it to hold almost all of my spices…I just pull it out when I need something, and push it back in.  Simple, and everything stays in place. For my most used spices I used another bin that I can slide in and out as needed.  Mason jars are great too for holding measuring spoons.

Lazy Susan’s or Turntables are great in pantries

A cabinet Lazy Susan turntable in the pantry is very handy.  Having jars or spices on a rotating table makes it very easy to find things in the pantry. I also like to keep these in my cupboard for easy access to things like salt and pepper, syrup, honey, most used spices…etc. I like these ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond (this is an affiliate link).


Plastic Bins for Storage

Plastic storage bins are a great way to organize and separate different pantry items.  Use one for pasta, one for rices, one for soup packets…you get the idea.  I also use these bins to store my potatoes and onions…did you know that potatoes and onions should be kept in separate bins or your potatoes will turn green?  Good to know.

Pantry Organization for Real Life

Organizing a Baking Cupboard

To keep my baking cupboard tidy I installed wire dividers to separate my baking sheets.  Saved my life.  Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but seriously, these dividers are very helpful.  No more pans flying out when the cupboard doors open! I bought this one at Bed, Bath & Beyond (this is an affiliate link).


Organizing Recipes

To keep all my recipe cards and magazine clippings organized, I use a this recipe filing system that I made with scrapbook paper and shipping envelopes. It keeps all my treasured recipes safely tucked away.

Organizing Kitchen Aprons

Use a utility key holder installed inside your pantry to hang your aprons.  It’s such a great way to have them within easy reach and out of sight.  I bought this one at Bed, Bath & Beyond (this is an affiliate link).

Prevent Drips and Sticky Messes in your Pantry

I place placemats under cereal boxes and containers to catch crumbs, and under drippy bottles like syrup and oils. Doing this keeps things tidy and saves me time on cleaning.

There is so much more that I could do, but organizing is an ever evolving and changing task.  I will clean and organize something one day, and the next day it’s crazy again.  But that’s life, and I do what works for our little family of 5!


More ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized!

Tips for Deep Cleaning your Kitchen

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! We have a TINY kitchen and A LOT of people and this is just what I needed to get me started! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. My pantry is an utter disgrace!!! I really need to reorganise, I like the idea of the little plastic bins for the potatoes etc. Must start on that next week . This week I am in party planning mode, next week – pantry planning 🙂 x

  3. I really love all of these ideas! We are getting ready to move into our first house- and I cannot tell you the amount of time I spend drooling over the PANTRY and all my ideas for organizing it (we have a total of 4 tiny food cupboards in our apartment)!
    And, silly or not, I’m totally going to rip off your decorated mason jars 🙂 And the secured tea towel is absolutely brilliant! My two year old seems to have a tea towel fetish and I usually get them a total of 5 minutes in the kitchen.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!!!

  4. Great ideas, but I really had to laugh at the tea towel! I’m about ready to go do the same thing and get my own small amount of pleasure when my 15 month old son tries to pull our towels to the floor, lol. Some day’s I just wish one thing would stay where I put it.
    Thanks for the idea!

  5. Love that coffee maker ! I really don’t like the look of most coffee makers, so can you tell me about yours, please ? Brand ?

  6. I love all your ideas. I have a tiny kitchen with very little cabinet space. I ended up using my stainless steel measuring cups, colander and pot lids as wall decor in my kitchen to save space in my cabinets. I’ve actually had folks ask me where did I get the art on my wall! It’s when I take a piece down and show them that it’s made up of my kitchen utensils that they’re astonished at my creativity.

  7. Hi, I am Chaitali from India. I recently remodeled my kitchen and I loved your organisation tips. The best one I liked is using placemat for dripping items; I am using it in the place I keep my oils. 🙂