Cut Flower Garden Bouquets

Tips for putting together gorgeous Cut Flower Garden Bouquets from flowers grown in your own yard!  

Cut flower gardens are wonderful…there’s just something so amazing about being able to step out into your own yard and create a flower arrangement from a garden of flowers that you grew.  And this doesn’t mean acres of land for flowers, I’m talking about a little urban garden with cut flowers grown in pots and planters!  It’s easy and the rewards are amazing.  In case you missed my post on Tips for Growing a Cut Flower Garden, you can read that here!  It’s full of ideas for you to create your own garden full of beautiful cut flowers!

Cut Flower Garden Bouquets
A bouquet of anemones, verbena, peony leaves, lavender and pansies.

Today I’m going to share some ideas on how to make Cut Flower Garden Bouquets with flowers and fillers from your garden.  Basically my biggest tip is, If you love it, pick it and put it into a bouquet. 

Cut Flower Garden Bouquets
A bouquet of anemones, yarrow, ranunculus, mint and sweet peas.

Let’s make Cut Flower Garden Bouquets!

When it comes to arranging your own bouquets, anything goes!  The whole idea around having a cut garden is for you to be able to cut and gather flowers that you love, then bring them inside your home to enjoy.  I like to head out into my garden in the early morning and snip my flowers before the heat of the day.  Often I’ll cut the flowers right before they’re about to bloom, so by the time they’ve sat in water for a few hours, they’ve opened up beautifully!  And the bouquets that I create are often not really planned, I usually end up with a bouquet based on what’s blooming at the time.  If all my zinnias are in bloom, then they’re the focus flower of one bouquet.  If a bit of everything is in bloom, then a bit of everything goes into that bouquet.

Beautiful Bouquet of Peonies
A statement bouquet of peonies!

Ideas for Cut Flower Bouquets

Create Statement Bouquets

Bouquets made out of just one variety of flower are gorgeous, and a beautiful statement!  Make a bouquet of all anemones, or all zinnias, or all peonies or all dahlias. Don’t even add fillers…just create a bouquet made completely of one flower species, using all one colour or all different colours and shapes.  Stunning.

Create Wild Bouquets

I LOVE the look of ‘wild’ bouquets.  I don’t mean wildflowers, I mean random organically curated arrangements loaded with all different cut flowers and fillers.  The kind of bouquets with stems spilling out and little unexpected filler treasures like sprigs of herbs.  These are my favourite…I think it’s the country girl in me.

Cut Flower Garden Bouquets
Fillers:  In this bouquet you can see rosemary, thyme, peony leaves, lavender, strawberry leaves, nasturtium leaves, bleeding hearts and parsley.  All treasures I gathered in my own urban garden.

15+ Bouquet Fillers

Now let’s talk about fillers.  Fillers are all the greens and little  sprigs you use to tuck into your bouquet to fill empty spaces, add depth, colour, smell and extra touches of beauty.  When it comes to fillers in your cut flower bouquets, think outside the box!  You’ll be amazed at how much impact those fillers really can have on your bouquets!  Here are some fun and unique ideas for flower fillers:

  • Herbs.  Herbs are beautiful greenery!  Add sprigs of rosemary or thyme or mint to your bouquet.  Parsley looks pretty too!
  • Lavender.  Not only does lavender smell amazing, it’s so pretty as a filler plant.  The pops of purple are gorgeous in bouquets.
  • Nasturtium Leaves.  Nasturtium leaves are such a pretty shade of green and they look really nice in bouquets.  Their unique shapes are fun too, and I love the way they can spill out of an arrangement.
  • Bleeding Hearts.  Bleeding Hearts are SO pretty and you never see them in flower arrangements which is such a shame!  Tuck a few sprigs into your bouquets, you won’t be sorry.
  • Strawberry Leaves.  Have you every really looked at a strawberry leaf?  They’re such a pretty shape and gorgeous shade of green.
  • Peony Leaves.  Peonies are not only amazing in flower arrangements, but their leaves are too.  Their unique shape makes them stand out just perfectly.
  • Grasses.  Grasses add such nice texture to flower bouquets.
  • Wildflowers.  Hit the ditch and add wildflowers to your bouquets.
  • Dusty Miller.  Head to your flower beds and gather some Dusty Miller leaves!  The silver colour is a nice contrast to flower arrangements.
  • Lily of the Valley.  Many urban yards are full of Lily of the Valley, so why not add them to flower arrangements?  Their delicate white flowers and pretty green leaves are a gorgeous addition to flower bouquets.
  • Pansies.  Pansies are so so pretty, and I think they should be tucked into every bouquet.
  • Yarrow.  Yarrow is another underrated bouquet filler.  It comes in many different colours and the shape of the flower heads are perfect for flower arrangements
  • Scented Flowers.  I LOVE to add Evening Scented Stock to my bouquets.  This is a spindly little plant that really isn’t pretty enough to stand alone as a bouquet, but tucked into arrangements, it’s perfect.  And a night, your bouquet will smell ah-mazing!
Cut Flower Garden Bouquets
An arrangement of Zinnias, Sweet Peas and Dahlias

The whole idea of creating arrangements of flowers from your cut flower garden is to enjoy the process!  Have fun with it, because there really are no rules.  If you love it, pick it and make a bouquet.  Put a little bouquet on your night table, make a big bouquet for your dining room, take a bunch to a friend…and enjoy all your hard work of growing your flower garden.  The rewards are worth the wait.

Cut Flower Garden Bouquets

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Have an inspired day!

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