How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?  Welcome to mine…

This last weekend we were hard at work getting things done around the yard. It never seems like there is enough time to do everything…we’ve got activities, someone is away, it’s raining…But this weekend we were busy!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

So here is a view of our front flower bed and front porch.  We always like to make sure our front yard is clean and trimmed, and I love for our front step to be ready for visitors!  We keep it simple up here.   I love our black mulch filled tree & shrub bed as it’s very low maintenance.  I rarely have to weed…it pretty much looks like this all season.

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

We have a tiny little porch where I always hang 2 flower baskets in the summer.  And this year I decided to flank the door with 2 shade pots (you might remember these from this post).  I put these planters together at a course in April, and the instructor was really trying to encourage me to do something very unique and different with them.  But I just couldn’t do it.  I need things to match.  I just do.  I have to say that I am very happy I didn’t go outside of my comfort zone, and that I went with what my heart said instead!  These planters are some of my most favourite yet!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

Here is a picture of one planter up close.  They are in complete shade, but have doubled in size already!  Love them!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

Here is a close up of my hanging baskets on the porch.  I got these planters all ready to grow at Wal-Mart this year.  With such a short growing season, we need our flower baskets to be in full bloom!  😉  I love how they match the front door!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

Here is a close up view of one.  Pretty!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

And here we are in the backyard.  I went with my old-tried-and-true petunias.  I have a soft spot for petunias, because they remind me of the many summers I spent at my Grandparents farm as a kid.  I love their pretty & colourful little faces, their scent,  and the fact that by the end of the summer, these pots will be overflowing with flowers!

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

Here’s a keeping it real photo!  Look at those dandelions?!  Ack.  I hate dandelions, so we got rid of them this weekend!

But I JUST had to put this photo in because I love how cute my little guy is!  I love this picture.  He’s just a happy little guy, happy to toodle around.  But let’s just say that any time a toddler has a loaded hose in his hands, things can get very ugly very fast.

How Does Your Flower Garden Grow?

Thanks again for watching my garden grow! Things are always changing in here and I keep adding new things, so I’ll be updating again! (It’s such a nice way for me to be able to document my garden growing!)

Have an inspiring day!


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  1. Beautiful! I love your garden bed. We did some year work Saturday. My husband was trimming and cleaning while I was planting flowers.

  2. Your garden looks beautiful, I love the planters at your door!

    I posted a similar very similar thing yesterday although your garden is what I hope to have mine looking like once it has been tamed:)


    p.s. we no longer have the hose plugged in after a very wet dining room incident at our last house:)

  3. Jo-Anna, your yard looks beautiful! Do you want to come do mine? lol We back onto a dog park and also have a green space in front of us. That means we have dandelions galore because the city doesn’t spray them. It is VERY frustrating. This year I’m just trying to accept it and look at the beauty of all the yellow. But it’s kind of hard looking out at the dog park and seeing a sea of yellow, knowing that in a matter of days those flowers are going to turn to seed and come into my yard. Sorry I’m rambling. : )

    Enjoy the warm weather the next few days!!

    ~ Catie

  4. Oh! I love that last photo. Youryard looks lovely, I can see little sprouts in your garden and your little helper reminds me so much of my youngest. Is he in his pjs? Love it!!

  5. Beautiful! Everything looks so fresh and tidy, I just love it 🙂
    My husband always gets annoyed because I actually like blowing dandelions in the yard. He’s like, “STOP spreading the weeds!!!” Haha!

  6. My husband and I adore your backyard garden. It’s just beautiful with all of those surrounding plants. We just planted a garden, very similar to yours (built up boxes with rocks around them.) We are both wondering if you have anything around the rocks , like a border or some sort to keep them out of the grass. It looks so perfectly seperated. That would be so helpful for us to know, as we are finishing ours. Thanks!!

    angellsworth at

  7. love your blog! I tried your eggless waffles this morning and they were a hit…getting ready to put in my veggie garden and have learned a lot from you today…thank you very much :)) but have to confess I winced at the mention of killing dandelions..yes they can muck up a beautiful lawn but have proven to be beneficial in fighting so many diseases including cancer…have you considered harvesting them instead?? just a thought and thanks again for your wonderful blog :)) Beautiful and inviting entrance! glad you chose to follow your heart

  8. Love your blog – just found it this morning looking for shade planters.
    Can you please tell me whats in your tall shade planter – the link didn’t work, and I really just love what you’ve done.