Winter Gardening

– – – 
Well we are officially in the doldrums of a dreary, grey winter.
And I find myself hopelessly dreaming of summer days in my garden…
…but with at least 4 more months until these days are a reality,
I had to find a way not to wish away the time.
 – – – 
So what to do?
Bring the garden in.
That’s right.  Lighten up the days with life.
Get my hands in the dirt and plant something…there’s just nothing more therapeutic than that!
 – – – 
– – – 
Right now the greenhouses and big box hardware stores don’t offer a wide selection of plants,
but the ones that are there are perfect for indoor gardening.
Plants like ferns don’t require a lot of light (or care), so they are great for this time of year!
– – – 
– – – 
Following the general rule for outdoor planting, I bought 3 ferns to plant indoors.
Grouping plants in odd numbers, with at least 3 plants, makes the greatest visual impact.
– – – 
– – – 
And because I adore mason jars, I planted them in some that I had around the house.
I like the contrast of the dark soil with the bright green leaves.  Pretty.
If you plant in containers like this, just be careful with watering.
The jars don’t provide any drainage, so overwatering will drown them.
– – – 
– – – 
I put mine on the counter of my eating bar, so you can see them from all angles of our living space.
Such a pretty pop of green.
And a great reminder that gardening season will return…it will…it always does!
 – – – 
Happy gardening!

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  1. Your ferns have such a nice green color to them. Very lovely!

    I have been itching for some gardening time as well. For now I am getting along with just planning the summer garden.

  2. I think the dark soil in the mason jars is what makes this so pretty…so simple too…
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  3. Loving the fresh hit of green on your blog page, and in your living room! I think I’d better head to the HD and pick up a few little leafy pots for our house 🙂

  4. I love that pop of green! This is such a cute post… I hope you will consider linking and joining me for Fresh-Cut Friday. This would be the perfect addition! 🙂


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