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7+ Ways to String Lights in your Backyard!

Make your backyard a magical twinkly retreat with some quick and simple ideas using string lights!

One of the nicest things about summer nights (fall nights too!), is being able to sit out on the deck under all of our twinkly lights. There’s just something so pretty about the light they cast…it almost feels as if we’re sitting in our own little fairy garden.

string lights at night
string lights at night

Instant enjoyment!

The best thing about using string lights for lighting is how easy they are to hang. Pretty much anywhere you would like them, you can hang them. My favourite though is to hang lights drooping along a fence or on poles, as opposed to in a straight line…I just really love the informal and magical feel from this.

a string of lights outdoors in the evening light

Drape lights along the fence.

Here is a pretty example of string lights hung along a fence…you can see them in the background in the 2 images below. This is from my fall patio…SO pretty. See, they’re wonderful in fall too! There really isn’t an easier way to add such pretty ambient lighting to a yard. I used the same hooks along the fence post, as I used for my project last year. The hooks are great because you can put up and take down the strings when ever you need to. So pretty. You can find me here just chilling.

A fall arrangement of an orange mum and pumpkins with a string of lights in the background
a fall arrangement of an orange mum and pumpkins with a string of lights in the background

Hang lights on a front porch.

I strung some string lights in the ceiling of our front porch and I absolutely love this! It’s such a simple way to make this space feel magical.

a front porch with a green door, string lights hanging from the ceiling and fall pots filled with mums

Hang lights from poles!

A couple of summers ago I put together the easiest patio light project and I still love it SO much. I strung strings of lights around our deck space, hung from wooden poles on each of the corners. I would just go out and sit there under all the lights. Pretty pretty pretty.

All. The. Lights.

If you’ve been dreaming of stringing lights in your garden space, don’t wait another minute! Just hang them. You won’t regret all your lovely nights under their twinkle. It’s the easiest way to create a twinkling magical garden.

a string of lights hung from poles

7 Ways to String Lights in your Backyard:

  • String lights along your fence.
  • Hang strings of lights from poles placed on the corners of your deck.
  • Run lights along your deck railing.
  • Hang lights back and forth along the inside your deck pergola or gazebo.
  • String lights in backyard trees.
  • String lights from a tree to your deck space, so your yard is lit up.
  • Hang lights on your patio umbrella.

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  1. I was in Austin recently and they have all these little bars that are basically houses with lights like these in the backyard and I am dying to bring that home with me. I just haven’t figured out how I am going to do it yet.

    1. Hi Carolyn! We actually screwed them into the base of our deck. But some people have just pushed them into the ground, or as an alternative into plant pots at each corner. Hope this helps!

  2. Actually was looking for ideas for lights in my florist shop found that and more for home also thanks from karon