Fresh Herb Wreath

Create a fresh herb wreath using herbs from your garden!  This is such a pretty and practical way to dry your herbs.

I love herbs.  I think they’re delicious to cook with, but if you look at them as more than just a garnish or a flavour enhancer in your kitchen, you will see that herbs are actually gorgeous plants to look at.  They all have such unique and beautiful foliage, some have tiny delicate little flowers, basically the makings of a pretty bouquet…and not just a bouquet garni either.

I decided that my herbs were pretty enough to appear on a wreath so I made one with the herbs I had in my little garden.  I think this earthy, rustic herb wreath kids of suits me…I’m a little crunchy, I love gardening and I love cooking.

Fresh Herb Grapevine Wreath {A Pretty Life}

Now you may think, “oh this looks great now, but how did it look the next day?”.  And that’s a fair question, but I thought this through my friends…I had an end game in mind.  The next day the wreath was still green, and the herbs were starting to dry out, but that is exactly what I was hoping for.  I’m actually going to use these herbs in my cooking when they’re all dried out, then I’ll replace them with fresh ones.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But, isn’t this a pretty way to dry herbs?

Fresh Herb Grapevine Wreath {A Pretty Life}

This wreath is so very simple to make.  In fact one would say it’s almost too simple, but I’m a firm believer in simple is best if you can swing it. I really LOVE how it turned out.

How To Make a Fresh Herb Wreath:

  • You need 1 grapevine wreath.
  • Fresh herbs.
  • Some ribbon.
  • All I did was tuck in various fresh herbs into the grapevine wreath base.  I used rosemary, parsley, oregano and thyme.
  • That’s it.
Fresh Herb Grapevine Wreath 4{A Pretty Life}

I love how it looks hanging from my old window.

Pretty pretty pretty!

Fresh Herb Grapevine Wreath {A Pretty Life}

And it smells nice too!

Fresh Herb Grapevine Wreath 5{A Pretty Life}

You don’t need to buy new things every time you want to redecorate, or create something for your home.  Have a look around your home and in your garden for inspiration.  Use snippets of your favourite herbs, plants and flowers from your garden in your decor.  It feels good to make something pretty that doesn’t cost a lot!

Simple. Fresh. Lovely.

Have an inspiring day!

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  1. Wow, the wreath looks so beautiful with the fresh green herbs! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    I love your new header, too!

  2. What a wonderful idea, Jo-Anna! I bet it smells delicious. 🙂

    Erin @ Carolina Country Living
    (visiting from The Lettered Cottage)

  3. I love the color combinations here! I have been spotting green in accessories while shopping lately. It has certainly caught my attention! Your mantle is lovely. I especially love the texture combinations. I found you over on Instagram!I am dsolzer over there. Cheers and Happy Monday!

  4. Hi – I’m visiting from Layla’s summer mantel link party!

    Your mantel is lovely, and your wreath is gorgeous – I bet it smells just beautiful!