Making back-to-school mornings easier with Bagel Bites

Make your back to school mornings easier than ever with Breakfast Bagel Bites.  These easy and quick-to-prepare breakfast bites are tasty and perfect for busy mornings!

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Once mid summer arrives, heading back to school is never far from my kids minds (or mine).  The kids are thinking about what they’re going to wear and what classes they’re going to be in, and I’m thinking about all the planning, organization and meal ideas that come with the busyness of this time of year.

This year I have two kids going into junior high (oh my word!) and one heading into grade two, so we’ll be busy especially in the mornings.  One thing I have always held firmly on in our home is that you have to eat breakfast, not just grab a snack and go, you have to sit down and eat something.  Eating breakfast wakes them up and gets them ready for the challenges of the day.  Even though getting everyone to sit down can sometimes be challenging when time is limited, it’s something I’ve always insisted on. The kids know this and it’s just a part of their morning routines.

The challenge for me with breakfast is providing a variety of healthy food choices so the kids don’t get bored. I can’t whip up an elaborate meal in the morning, and honestly cereal five times a week can get very very boring.  So I also try to offer things like granola, frozen homemade pancakes, and scrambled eggs.

Making Back to School Mornings Easier with Bagel Bites 2

Recently I had the chance to try Bagel Bites as a new breakfast idea, and I wanted to include these in our weekday breakfast routine.  The Breakfast Bagel Bites come in four flavours:  Bacon & Cheese; Bacon, Sausage & Cheese; Sausage, Egg & Cheese; and Bacon, Egg & Cheese.  These mini-bagels are baked, not fried, and are topped with real cheese and quality eggs and meats.

Making Back to School Mornings Easier with Bagel Bites 5

My kids really enjoyed the Breakfast Bagel Bites…there was enough toppings to satisfy their love of cheese, the meats and egg were flavourful and the bagels were perfectly soft inside and crunchy on the outside.  And I was happy because they’re a great high protein option for the kids’ breakfast when I don’t have the time in the morning to prepare a big breakfast.  They’re easy to make and quick to serve, just two-and-a-half minutes prepared by microwave, or 15 minutes by oven.

Making Back to School Mornings Easier with Bagel Bites 3

While the bites are in the oven baking, it gives me a few minutes to put together an assortment of fresh fruit and juices to serve along side them.  I love that in 15 minutes I can have a healthy, well-rounded breakfast ready for the kids to enjoy.  I just arrange everything buffet-style on the table and the kids can help themselves!

Making Back to School Mornings Easier with Bagel Bites 4

I know that having more choices for breakfast makes our mornings easier!

Now that breakfast is covered, head on over to Today’s Parent for 10 healthy school lunch ideas, or 10 peanut-free lunch ideas!

Have a delicious day!


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Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned in this post for free by Bagel Bites and I am being paid by Rogers to review them.  But as always all thoughts, text, and opinions are my own, and not those of Rogers or Today’s Parent.

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  1. Yum! These looks delicious. I am finding more and more that I don’t have the time to cook from scratch but it is lovely to have an alternative!