Creative Planter Ideas

Here are some creative planter ideas for your summer garden!  From wine boxes to grain bins, planting outside the box is fun!

I am a farm girl at heart! Although I did not grow up on a farm, I did grow up in the countryside on the prairies, and I did have the privilege of spending a lot of time at my Grandparents farm. I’m SO thankful for those experiences.  I can’t even tell you how much…that’s for another day…I love the idea of the simplicity of life on a farm.

I realize that the farming life is not an easy one. But the romantic notion of a simpler time appeals to me…so, naturally I find myself drawn to old farm-type items.  In my home, in my cooking. And especially in my garden.  I love classic plants, in non-traditional planters! I love the little extra charm they add to my garden! They almost take me back to simpler times…(I feel like I was born in the wrong era)

Creative Planter Ideas

Love this old toolbox inspired planter…

Creative Planter Ideas

I love this old grain pail!  It’s so great too, because it has it’s own drainage system built right in! Isn’t it charming?!

Creative Planter Ideas

Now, I know this little tin isn’t old by any stretch, but it was a great garage sale find!  10 cents! The tin, the distressed yellow and the pattern, all say farmhouse to me for some reason! Perfect for my Heather! Gorgeous!

Creative Planter Ideas

I love containers like this – they look like old wine barrels… perfect for my rosemary and lavender! The rougher looking the better!

Creative Planter Ideas

I’ve had a lot of nice comments about these wine box planters! I wanted to post them again, because they aren’t your usual planters, but they should be. Look how fantastic they are!

Creative Planter Ideas

This old pottery container was a favourite of mine for planting, but it finally gave in to our cold winters and cracked!  Bummer…  But I still use it for my twigs.  Adds a nice little earthy touch to our deck!

Creative Planter Ideas

And if a washtub doesn’t scream farm, I don’t know what does! Perfect for my herbs!  Now, if only I could get my hands back on the old hand washing machine that my in-laws have…perfect for strawberries…

More Garden Inspiration:

Have an inspired day!

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  1. i love all of these containers! they are brilliant! this year, i’m on a quest to find unusual things like this plant in. i can’t seem to make it happen, though!

    i never admit my real identity online, but we share a name!!

  2. My grandfather made a toolbox very much like the one you have pictured here. Always wondered how to showcase his work. Thank you!!

  3. Aw these are lovely. Very cute!
    The wine barrel one is my favourite I have a wheelbarrow shaped one in my garden, I love the novelty planting boxes.
    Thanks for sharing.