Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

Welcome to my Anemones edition of Flowers From My Garden!  I’m sharing some gorgeous bouquets of this fabulous and easy to grow flower!  All grown in my  little urban cut flower garden.

My biggest and happiest garden surprise this year were my anemones.  I bought two packages of anemone corms from Walmart this spring, not really thinking much about them.  Honestly I thought they probably wouldn’t grow, so I only put them into two pots.  And boy am I ever sad I didn’t plant more!  Anemones are SO easy to grow, they’re pretty prolific, and they’re SO SO gorgeous.  Next year, I’m planting at least 5 pots full.  I’ve had anemones since the the beginning of July and I’m still getting blooms into August.  Just fabulous.

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

Create a Cut Flower Garden Wherever You Live!

I’ve really been enjoying my little urban cut flower garden.  I’m still amazed by how many flowers I can actually grow in my city yard…like I said before, my only regret is that I didn’t start doing this years ago.  But it’s a great reminder that a cut flower garden can be created anywhere.  Grow them in pots on your balcony or patio, create a plot in your yard…if you have access to even a little outdoor space you can grow flowers!

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

My Experience with Growing Anemones

This is the first time I’ve ever grown anemones.  For some reason I really thought they were too exotic to grow anywhere but a flower farm.  I’m here to tell you that’s not true.  Anyone can grow them.  What I have gathered from my very limited experience in growing anemones, is that they love humidity, and they love sunshine but not direct sun.  But they’re also very forgiving…mine did well despite being a bit crowded and also they survived many very rainy days, as well as couple of dry soil days and even some hail…whew!

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

I really didn’t fuss over them or do anything special.  I just patiently waited for blooms and they did not disappoint.  Next year I can’t wait to plant more varieties!  I’m definitely going to be ordering some fun colours and variations.  My goal is to have more anemones than I even know what to do with!  ALL THE ANEMONES!

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

A red and white bouquet for Canada Day…

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

And a beautiful mixed bouquet.  Anemones look so pretty with all kinds of flowers so I stuffed this bouquet with anemones, pansies, verbena and lavender.  Gorgeous.

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

I mean seriously…look at this purple anemone.  Simply stunning.

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

Flowers From My Garden: All the Anemones!

More Flowers From My Garden Posts

I’m going to continue to share bouquets from my garden as new flowers start blooming…hopefully I’ll have some gorgeous ones right into the fall!  Stay tuned!

An Early Summer Bouquet…this is my first bouquet from early this summer

An Early Summer Bouquet

Have an inspired day!

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  1. These are so pretty, and I love that they rebloom frequently during the summer. How many anemone bulbs did you plant per container?

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