15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Make the most of your backyard this summer and get it set up for fun and relaxation! Here are 15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Make your backyard a destination this summer!  Here are 15+ summer ideas that will make your backyard summer, fun and memorable.  Everything from summer recipes to family party ideas, simple outdoor activities and more!

Fire up your Barbecue!

Get that barbecue ready, summer is here and it’s delicious!  Here is a tasty collection of 55+ Summer BBQ Food Ideas!  Everything from drinks and salads to appetizers, great burgers, desserts and more!  Click here for all the recipe ideas!

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Have a Summer Dessert Party

Nothing says summer like ice cream!  Get creative and set up a make-and-decorate-your-own frozen treat station for ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, cones and more!

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Summer Sips!

Summers were made for summer drinks on the patio!  Just picture yourself out on the deck, the sun is shining, or the nights are warm…drink in hand.  Ahhhhhh, so good!  Here are some great summer drink recipes to try:

Sangria Slushies

Make Popsicles!

It’s not summer if there aren’t popsicles!  Get everyone together and enjoy homemade popsicles on the patio!  Here are some great recipes for juice popsicles, coconut popsicles, Jello popsicles and pink lemonade popsicles.

Coconut Popsicles

Have your meals on the patio!

When the weather is nice, there’s no better time to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner on the patio.  We eat most of our daily meals outside during the summer…it just feels casual, relaxing and like we’re making most of the summertime!

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Camp out in the backyard!

If you can’t get out to a campground this summer, camping in your own backyard is a great alternative!  This is so much fun for your family, especially the kids!  Here are some Tips for Backyard Camping with Kids.

Grow a garden.

I find the act of gardening to be so relaxing.  I like to get lost in this activity…it’s soothing and the rewards of pretty flowers and fresh grown vegetables and fruit is worth it!

Have a campfire.

Campfires in the backyard are such a fun way to enjoy summer when you can’t get away on holidays.  We have a lot of fires over the summer months…sometimes we even cook hot dogs for dinner!  And don’t forget the s’mores!

Make S’mores

Gather those graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, it’s s’more season!  Backyard s’mores are as good as any s’more!  And if you don’t have a fire pit to make them, here are some no-campfire s’more options:

Light it up!

One of my most favourite things about our backyard space in summer are all the string lights we hang.  Twinkly lights make a magical nighttime garden retreat that will make you want to sit outside into the night.  Read here to see how I put together this simple patio light project.

Have a picnic!

Lay a blanket out on the lawn and set up a picnic…there’s something so fun about having a picnic for lunch.  Keep it simple…the easier it is to prepare, the more fun it is.  Here are my tips for an Easy Summer Picnic.

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Make your space feel special.

If you plan to spend most of your summer at home, it’s important to make your outdoor space feel special.  Set up an easy to access drink station on the deck, bring out some pretty pillows, cozy blankets and things to make you comfortable.  I like to look at it as extending your home into the outdoors.

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

Make a Lemonade Slush Bar!

On a hot summer day, have a Lemonade Slush party on the patio!  Set it up as a self-serve bar and let everyone pick their own lemonade slushie flavour.  Here are some ideas and easy recipes.

Lemonade Slushies

More Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer:

  • Play Board Games out on your patio.
  • Have a Backyard Party for you kids.  Here are some simple and fun ideas!
  • Have Nighttime Wine and Cheese party for the adults.  Here are some delicious ideas.
  • On hot days set up the sprinkler for the kids.  Good old fashioned fun!
  • Play lawn games like Bocci, Horseshoes, Croquet and Ladder Ball.

Make your food fun!  Watermelon wedges make great ‘popsicles’!

15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

I hope you feel inspired with ideas so you can enjoy your summer close to home!  Do you have more ideas to share?

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15 Ways to Enjoy your Summer in your Backyard!

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Happy Summer!

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