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Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash

A Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash with so many fun details! Watermelon Pops, a S’more Station, DIY Sponge Water Bombs, Loot Bag Ideas and more!

This past week was my daughter’s 10th birthday! (On a side note, I just can’t believe she’s 10, I mean I’m still 25 right?!) I swore I would never have another birthday party hosted at our home, but she really really wanted to have her friends here for her special day! I couldn’t resist…if she still wants to hang out at home, I’ve got to go with it!

So what to do?!

10 is a tough age for parties…they’re not quite little kids anymore, but they’re not teens yet either.  And this makes it kind of tough to plan activities…I didn’t want it to be too babyish, or too old for her either. So we decided on a Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash!  Just simple food, simple fun, and a lot of relying on the girls being their own entertainment. I hope that by sharing this party with you, you might find some inspiration for your own party planning! Parties don’t have to be elaborate or perfect.

Our Simple and Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash!

Apron Invitations

Here are the invitations that we sent out to all of the kids. How cute are these little aprons?! I found these pre-made invites at Michaels. Whenever I can buy a cute, pre-made invite, I’m in!

Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash

Loot Bags

We made loot bags filled with bubbles, glow sticks, bubble gum, salt water taffy and chocolate covered pretzel sticks. All fun and simple things you can find at the dollar store!

More loot bag fun! I found these whistle tubes at Dollarama.

DIY Sponge Water Bombs

As a fun birthday activity I had the kids make their own sponge water bombs! They seemed to really enjoy this, and since the weather co-operated with us, they were able to get into their bathing suits and have a water bomb fight! Soooooo fun! This is a really great tutorial on how to make them.

Nail Painting

Another fun activity was a nail painting station. I put out a big selection of colours and let the kids paint each other’s toenails in rainbow colours! This is a great outdoor activity 😉

Shirley Temples

For ‘fancy’ drinks, I made up a batch of Shirley Temples for sipping! Kids always love this drink. Overheard: “this is the best drink evah!”

Customized Mason Jars

For a special touch (and an easy take-home gift), each girl got their own mason jar glass with their names on them! To make these, I bought pre-made chalkboard stickers and wrote each of the girls names on them with a chalk marker (both of which I found at Michaels).

Watermelon Pops

Watermelon on popsicle sticks, because they’re SO cute and why not?! These watermelon pops are so easy to make. I just cut the watermelon into wedges, then cut a small line in the rind, and pushed in a popsicle stick. The girls loved these.

Fun with details!  

Sometimes it’s the little details that are the most fun and memorable. Simple things like wrapping cutlery bundles in matching bakers twine.

Neon Pink Cupcakes

We made neon pink cupcakes instead of a birthday cake. Individual servings like cupcakes, are always fun to serve. This chocolate cupcake recipe that I use is always such a hit.

Dinner Time!

We kept dinner really simple for this party, and in keeping with the theme we served hot dogs with all the toppings! These hot dog paper serving ‘plates’ were from Michaels as well.

Decorating with No-Sew Banners

I tried to keep the decor as simple as possible. We put up the big tent on our deck and hung pretty no-sew pennant banners inside! Very festive and fun.

S’more Station

And last, but not least, the most favourite part…the S’more station! We put out the ingredients and let girls put together their own S’more, then we cooked them on the BBQ! Yum!

PIN IT for later!

This was such a fun party. And not only was it fun, it was really easy to pull together. Honestly, when you have a group of fun kids, some kid-friendly food and activities, it’s going to be such a good time!

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  1. the s’mores platter looks like such a good idea – but i cant tell whats there besides the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers…