Leftover Turkey Recipes

15+ Delicious and Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes to make! Use your leftover turkey to make soups, dips, bakes, lasagnas, salads, sandwiches and more!

I don’t know about you, but once the holidays are over and I’m faced with a fridge full of turkey dinner leftovers, I am always looking for new and delicious ways to use them up!  If you too have turkey leftovers to deal with, here are 15+ dinner recipe ideas to try!

15+ Delicious and Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes

Creamed Turkey on Toast

Is there anything more comforting than creamed turkey served over a thick slice of warm toast?  Delicious and creamy and the perfect way to use up leftover holiday turkey! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Baked Turkey Cheddar Ranch Pull-Apart Sliders

These sliders are the perfect recipe for lunch the day after a big turkey dinner, or to make later with the leftover turkey you stowed away in your freezer!  Assemble them in minutes, and pop them in the oven to bake, and the result is a warm, cheesy, flavourful turkey sandwich.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey and Rice Soup

This soup is one of my favourites to make. It’s hearty, loaded with turkey, vegetables and rice, making it so comforting.  It’s the perfect soup for your holiday turkey dinner leftovers!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Buffalo Turkey Dip

Turn your leftover turkey into an appetizer dip for New Years! This Hot Buffalo Turkey Dip is a spicy, tangy and creamy dip that’s perfect for your next party!  Bake it in a sourdough bread bowl and serve it hot, with carrot and celery sticks, and chunks of sourdough bread.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey Lasagna Soup

Instead of using ground turkey in this recipe, substitute it with leftover holiday turkey. This Turkey Lasagna Soup is a quick and tasty dinner that can be on your table in less than one hour.  All the delicious flavours of lasagna in a soup!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Homemade Stock

Making your own homemade stock from the turkey carcass is easy and delicious!  In this post here, I’m sharing tips for making and freezing your own stock…the recipe is actually for chicken, but of course you can substitute turkey.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey Lasagna

Substitute the ground turkey in this Creamy White Turkey Lasagna, with leftover shredded turkey.  This lasagna is made up of a creamy white cheese sauce, lean and delicious turkey, fresh spinach and lasagna noodles.  So good.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a slice of white lasagna on a white plate. sprinkled with green parsley

Blueberry Balsamic Salad with Turkey

Toss leftover turkey on to this Blueberry Balsamic Salad! Loaded with fresh blueberries and peaches, turkey, and goat cheese, which is then drizzled with a blueberry balsamic vinaigrette.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Nacho Pasta Bake

Substitute the chicken with turkey in this Nacho Pasta Bake.  All the flavours of nachos in pasta!  Quick, delicious and ready in under 40 minutes.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Classic Turkey Sandwiches

A Classic Turkey Sandwich with the works is one of the best things about leftover turkey!  Load it up with all your favourite toppings, including any leftover cranberry sauce.  Mmmmm GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey Pot Pie is a delicious way to use up your turkey leftovers!  This pie is also a great way to also use up any leftover gravy, vegetables or extra pie crust you might have leftover.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey Noodle Bowl

Make this Coconut Lime Turkey Noodle Bowl with shredded turkey. Loaded with vegetables, rice noodles and turkey then drizzled in a delicious peanut coconut dressing.  Fresh, delicious and healthy! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Greek Turkey Bowl

Use leftover turkey in this Greek Turkey Bowl.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a bowl with grilled chicken, cucumbers, peppers, black olives, lemons, chick peas, tomatoes and orzo, all drizzled with Greek dressing

Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

This Coconut Curry Noodle Soup has all the flavours of Thai food…coconut, green curry, ginger, lemongrass…oh my. Delicious, simple to make and ready in under 1 hour!  Use leftover shredded turkey instead of chicken.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a bowl of coconut curry soup with sliced carrots, pea pods, sliced onions, peppers and noodles. on a wooden background

Turkey Pot Pie with a Stuffing Crust

This recipe is great because it uses up so many of your holiday dinner leftovers…including turkey, gravy, vegetables and even stuffing!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Cheesy Stuffed Peppers

Leftover shredded turkey would be delicious in these Cheesy Stuffed Peppers.  Just substitute the chicken for turkey.  So easy and good.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a circle dish with baked peppers covered in creamy cheese

Easy Green Chile Enchilada Bake

This Easy Green Chile Enchilada Bake is delicious with leftover turkey.  And it can be ready in 1 hour! Serve with fresh salsa, slices of avocado, and tortilla chips for dipping.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Turkey Tortilla Bake

This Turkey Tortilla Bake is a delicious and easy dinner idea!  And it’s ready in less than 1 hour!  GET THE RECIPE

a glass pan of a turkey tortilla bake covered in baked cheese and sprinkled with cilantro. in the background is salsa and chips


For more turkey recipe ideas, make sure to follow my Turkey Recipes Board on Pinterest!

Have a delicious day!

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