Celebrating Mother’s Day at Home

Here are 10 ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home and make Mom feel special, even when the celebration keeps you at home!

If you’re planning to celebrate Mother’s Day at home, here are some easy, delicious and pretty ideas for Mom…it’s amazing how special a day can be made with the most simple gestures!

Mother's Day at Home

10 ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

Serve her Breakfast in Bed

Let Mom sleep in, then put together a delicious breakfast and serve it to her in bed with a cup of coffee or tea!  Anytime Mom gets to be served, feels like a special treat!

Have a Tea Party

Bring out the pretty tea cups, make some tea and enjoy it with Mom while munching on delicious snacks like crustless cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey Tea Cake.  Or chips and dip with a glass of wine.  😉  It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Mother's Day at Home

Arrange a Floral Delivery

You can never go wrong with flowers for Mom!  Arrange for a bouquet to arrive on Mother’s Day. Your Mom, and local flower companies will thank you!

Bake her a cake!

Mom’s make so many cakes for everyone else, so why not make Mom, her favourite cake for Mother’s Day?  Here are some great recipes for Chocolate Cake, Rhubarb Coffee Cake and Lemon Bundt Cake.

Have a Backyard BBQ

If the weather is nice, it’s a great time to get all the summer dishes out and set a fun outdoor dinner table!  Then have someone besides Mom, start up the BBQ and grill some hamburgers, make a Homemade Potato Salad or a Macaroni Salad, cut up a watermelon, make a pitcher of Lavender Tea Lemonade and enjoy!  All of course, while Mom sits back and relaxes…so older kids and husbands, take note.

Mother's Day at Home

Create a Cheese & Dessert Plate

Put together a dessert and cheese plate with all of Mom’s favourite cheeses, desserts and chocolates. Or call a local cheese shop and bakery to order one in!  This is my favourite idea!

Have a Home Spa with Homemade Sugar Scrubs

Mom’s always love homemade gifts, especially ones that make them feel pampered.  You can make a simple Coconut Sugar Scrub or Lemon Sugar Scrub right at home with just a few simple ingredients, then let mom retreat to her tub for some quiet time.

Mother's Day at Home

Set a FaceTime Date if you can’t be together.

In times when we can’t be with our Moms, phone calls are nice, but it’s even better when Mom can see your face! Pick up that phone and make a FaceTime call.  Have a cup of tea with Mom over FaceTime.

Give her the day off!

This one seems pretty simple, but giving Mom the day off is such a gift! No cooking. No working. No laundry. No organizing. No refereeing. Nothing. Let Mom sit back and relax.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you found some inspiration to create a lovely Mother’s Day this year! If you’re looking for more ideas make sure to follow me on Pinterest!

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