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Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

This Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe (also called a German Pancake or Puff Pancake) is a perfect weekend breakfast! Serves up to 6 people. Enjoy with a selection of fresh fruit!

Just in time for the weekend I’m sharing this simple Dutch Baby Pancake recipe. This is one of our most favourite brunch recipes. It’s like eating a giant popover for breakfast, and really, what’s not to love about that? Definitely a treat.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe // A delicious and easy breakfast!

Simple and so good.

The great thing about this breakfast is that you get all the best parts of a pancake, without having to stand at the stove and flip endless batches while everyone eats all of your hard work. One dish with this Dutch Baby recipe, and we all get to eat at the same time.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe // A delicious and easy breakfast!

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be delicious!

It’s funny, every time we make one of these puffed pancakes they always look a little different. The way they puff up is totally unpredictable and you just never know what you’re going to get…except that it’s always guaranteed to be delicious. But don’t be alarmed when your Dutch Baby is sky high right out of the oven, then 30 seconds later it’s flat as, well, a pancake. It’s all part of the process and charm of this delicious pancake.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe // A delicious and easy breakfast!

What to add to a Dutch Baby Pancake?

Now how to enjoy these puffed pancakes? Everyone in my family likes to dress their piece of puffed pancake a little differently. Some like maple syrup and others, like myself, enjoy it with cinnamon & sugar sprinkled on top, or a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. Oh and butter. I like mine served hot with lots and lots of butter. Then when we’re done, we all politely fight over all of the delicious crispy buttery bits on the bottom of the pan…you’ll see exactly what I mean when you make one of your own.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe // A delicious and easy breakfast!

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe Tips:

  • Milk: You can use 2% milk or whole milk for this recipe. Don’t use skim milk.
  • Butter: Use salted butter. If you only have unsalted butter, add a pinch of salt to the batter.
  • Really froth the batter up! The more frothy the batter, the puffier the pancake will be. You can use a blender or hand blender to blend.
  • Questions about butter and pan size? Please read the FAQ’s below.
  • Additions: You can add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract to the batter if you want a little extra flavour. You can also add fruit…here are some examples: Apple Dutch Baby, Strawberry Buttermilk Dutch Baby and Strawberry Blueberry Dutch Baby.
  • Enjoy with a selection of fresh fruits or fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) or a fruit salad.
  • Leftovers: Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.
Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe // A delicious and easy breakfast!

FAQs about this recipe:

This is my most commonly asked question/concern about this recipe. Let me first say, if you think there is too much butter, then reduce it, it’s fine. I like to use 4 – 6 tbsp in a 12 inch pan, but if that feels like too much for you, reduce it. But remember you do need enough butter melted in the bottom of the pan in order for the pancake to rise properly, and not stick to the bottom. The butter in the bottom of the pan also creates the most delicious crispy bits that everyone will fight over! 😉

We use a 12 inch enamel pan. But you can also use a 9 x 13 baking dish. Or a 12 inch cast iron pan or any oven-safe skillet.


Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Use an 12 inch in diameter pan for this recipe as the batch makes a very large pancake. If you have a smaller pan, feel free to cut the recipe in half.

  • Author: Jo-Anna Rooney
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Oven


Units Scale
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 large eggs
  • 46 tbsp butter (See FAQ’s above)


  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. In a bowl whisk together the milk, flour, sugar, and eggs until smooth. Really froth this mixture up! The more frothy, the puffier the pancake will be. In fact, you can use a blender to do this.
  3. In a large skillet (12 x 9 pan), melt the butter over medium-high heat until it is hot and bubbly, and tilt the pan until the butter coats the bottom and sides of the pan.
  4. Immediately pour the pancake batter into the hot skillet and let it cook for about 1 minute, without stirring!
  5. Then place the skillet into the oven and bake for about 15 minutes.
  6. The pancake is done when it is golden brown and puffed up. Also, beware when taking this pancake to the table, because this is a really hot pan!
  7. Once the pancake is done serve immediately (while it’s puffed up), because it will shrink quickly!
  8. Serve with syrup or cinnamon sugar.

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Recipe adapted from Joy of Cooking

Have a delicious day!


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Note: I have updated this post with more recipe tips, and reduced the butter from 8 tbsp to 4 – 6 tbsp. Feb 2023

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  1. I made it just the way you have the recipe listed and it was amazing! My first time making and eating one. I was so surprised actually worked the first time puffed up and golden! Have made it about 4 times since. Thanks!

  2. 5 stars
    Thank you.. I used to make these to my kids for an after school snack. They loved them. I had forgotten the exact measurements. Now I can make them for my granddaughters.

  3. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe for my family since they were very young – over 30 years – and it is a family staple for Christmas morning or any other special holiday. There is one difference – my recipe never has used extra sugar. The recipe is so simple to remember – 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk, 4 eggs, mixed into a froth, poured into a heavy, very hot baking dish with deep sides with lots of butter melted on the bottom. I find that the toppings provide all the sweetness anyone could want, including my sugar-a-holic husband. I’m rather a purist, topping mine with real maple syrup. It is such a favorite that my daughter has asked it be included in a recipe book she’s making for our granddaughter who is in college and in her first apartment, in grandma’s handwriting, of course. 🙂

  4. Never had before Excellent I only have a 10 cast iron so I cut the recipe by a quarter Started with 5 tablespoons of butter but took out about a third. Pancake was still very buttery and I added nothing to the finished cake, Also recipe calls for no salt that is a plus.