9+ Delicious Zucchini Recipes To Try

Have more zucchini than you know what to do with? Here are 11+ Delicious Zucchini Recipes to try, including cakes, loaves, pancakes, oatmeal, side dishes, appetizers and more!

Zucchini is one of the most versatile vegetables available! Actually, it’s technically a fruit, but for all intents and purpose it’s treated like a vegetable. No matter, what a zucchini is, is delicious. If you’re one of the lucky ones you have a huge summer crop, with more zucchini than you know what to do with. But if you’re like me and you don’t have a personal crop, you can buy plenty of zucchini from your local farmers markets or grocery store, and that is exactly what I do all summer long. All zucchini all the time.

Zucchini is great to have on hand because there are so many delicious ways to cook and bake with it without getting bored. Over the years here on my blog, I’ve shared a few of my favourite zucchini recipes, so I thought I would share them with you again, all in one easy to access place!

Zucchini, Cheddar + Chive Buttermilk Quick Bread

Zucchini, Cheddar Cheese & Chive Buttermilk Quick Bread: Quick bread recipes are fantastic, and this particular recipe is one of my favourites. Aside from the delicious flavour, one of the best things about this bread is that you can have it made, baked and on the table in just over an hour. Fresh bread for dinner? Yes please.

Zucchini, Cheddar & Chive Buttermilk Quick Bread

Zucchini Bake

This Zucchini Bake is a simple and delicious side dish! Made with biscuit mix, fresh sliced zucchini, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, eggs and parmesan cheese. It pairs well with chicken and barbecued meats.

Zucchini Bake {A Pretty Life}

Cheesy Ham Zucchini Bake

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe for zucchini, this Cheesy Ham Zucchini Bake is so good! It’s easy to make and is a great way to use up fresh summer zucchini. This zucchini casserole is perfect for all occasions: breakfast, brunch, lunch, a snack, side dish or even a light dinner! Ready in 1 hour.

a square of cheesy ham zucchini bake on a plate with a green salad

Best Ever Zucchini Bread

Best Ever Zucchini Bread: I may be biased because this recipe comes from my Mom, but I really do think this is the best ever zucchini bread recipe. I make many, many loaves of this bread over the summer! This classic recipe makes 2 loaves, so you can freeze one for later.

Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread

This Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread is moist and full of delicious fall harvest fruit and veggies. This recipe makes 2 loaves, so you can enjoy one now, right from the oven, and freeze one for later!

Zucchini Cheddar Biscuits

Zucchini Cheddar Biscuits are a perfect biscuit to serve alongside soups and stews! Full of cheesy cheddar flavour!

A basket of freshly baked Zucchini Cheddar Biscuits

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake: You can’t have a zucchini recipe round up without a sweet zucchini loaf or cake! This Chocolate Zucchini Cake is so tender and chocolatey that it would even make a great birthday cake. Sweet, cakey and loaded with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true, and super delicious recipe for fresh garden zucchini, then you should try this Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal! A cozy, creamy and tasty breakfast.

a top down image of a bowl of zucchini bread baked oatmeal drizzled with cream. next to the bowl is the baking dish of oatmeal

Zucchini Muffins

These Zucchini Muffins are a nice way to use up zucchini. This is basically the same recipe as my zucchini loaf, but instead I made it into muffins. These are great because they are easy to pack into lunches or served as snacks.

Zucchini Muffins {A Pretty Life}

Zucchini Bread Pancakes

Zucchini Bread Pancakes are SO delicious. They’re sweet, cinnamon-y and perfect for breakfast. We love them.

Zucchini Bread Pancakes

Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

Zucchini Fries made in the air fryer are so simple and delicious! Made in less than 30 minutes and with just 5 ingredients, they’re perfect for busy weeknight suppers!

Tomato Zucchini Skillet

I think this Tomato Zucchini Skillet just might be my most made dish of all time. During the summer I likely make it once a week because it’s an excellent way to use up a tonne of zucchini, and it pairs wonderfully with any type of barbecue. Made with fresh sliced zucchini, onions, tomatoes, garlic, basil, thyme and oregano. You can also add bell peppers

Tomato Zucchini Skillet {A Pretty Life}

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters are a great summer side dish or snack. They’re excellent served with tzatziki sauce for dipping. So good.

Zucchini Fritters {A Pretty Life}

Tomato, Basil & Zucchini Goat Cheese Tart

This Tomato, Basil + Zucchini Goat Cheese Tart is a savoury tart that’s great as a light dinner or summer appetizer. Made with puff pastry, creamy goat cheese, sliced zucchini, tomatoes and fresh basil.

Tomato, Basil & Zucchini Goat Cheese Tart

Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles)

This Zoodle Noodle Spaghetti Dinner Bowl is a fresh and delicious dinner idea that can be on your table in less than 30 minutes. Sauté fresh zucchini ‘noodles’ then serve with marinara sauce (or your favourite pasta sauce). Zoodles are also delicious tossed with pesto, or even just butter and parmesan cheese and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Zoodle Noodle Bowl (Zucchini Noodles)

More Zucchini Recipe Ideas:

  • Zucchini Boats (recipe coming soon!)
  • Add thinly sliced zucchini to salads.
  • Zucchini is also great for grilling! (recipe coming soon!)
  • Make a zucchini lasagna by substituting noodles with thinly sliced zucchini.
  • Add fresh chopped zucchini to pasta salad.

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11+ Zucchini Recipes

I hope you found some zucchini recipe inspiration for your home!  What are your favourite ways to enjoy zucchini?

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Have a delicious day!

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  1. Made you chocolate zucchini cake last month, to rave reviews (had no chocolate chips on hand, so used finely chopped dates that made it even sweater and chewier). Funny enough, my son – who is turning 8 tomorrow – has just informe me today that he has selected it as his birthday cake recipe to be made for this year! 🙂