9 Ideas for Thanksgiving at Home

If you’re planning on celebrating Thanksgiving at Home this year, here are some ideas to make your holiday festive, cozy and delicious.

Thanksgiving will likely look a lot different for everyone this year as we find ourselves staying close to home.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in a meaningful way with our families.  If you’re looking for some ideas to make this time special, I hope you can find some inspiration here for your Thanksgiving at Home.  xo

A table full of charcuterie, fruit and appetizers

Keep (or Create New) Traditions at Home

I think it’s normal to feel like because our holiday celebrations have changed for now, that we might not want to make any plans.  But don’t let that feeling stop you, because creating a special time for our families might just be what we need right at this time.  I actually think tradition is more important than ever.  This year we’ll be home with just our little family of 5, and I plan on serving up Thanksgiving like I would any other year.  I just might take a few shortcuts with meals and such, so that I can enjoy this quiet time too.  And instead we’ll spend this time together doing a few different things like watching movies, playing games and enjoying many delicious treats!  My goal is to make it feel like Thanksgiving…even though things are very different this year.

A table full of delicious charcuterie, appetizers, dips and fruit

Create an appetizer table for delicious grazing.

One of the things I love to do for holidays at home is to put together a delicious selection of grazing foods for everyone to enjoy over the course of the days of the long weekend.  Sometimes so much goes into planning the main Thanksgiving dinner that other meals like lunches, get overlooked.  I buy enough goodies that I can bring them out for 2 or even 3 days of grazing.  Things like different deli meats and cheeses, olives, crackers and breads, dips and a selection of fruits and vegetables.  And I really try to focus on items that the kids will enjoy…not just adult favourites…you want everyone to be excited about what they see.

Delicious Grazing Table Ideas:

Here are some ideas for a grazing table everyone will enjoy:  Just remember that it doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated!

  • Offer a selection of vegetables with dip.
  • Don’t forget the chips and dip.
  • This Baked Brie with Sun Dried Tomatoes is one of our favourites.
  • And so is this Baked Goat Cheese Spinach Dip.  So good.
  • Honey Nut Baked Brie has all the flavours most enjoy!  Serve with bread or crackers.
  • Put together a simple tray of fruit like strawberries, bananas, apples etc…and serve it with this super delicious 3-Ingredient Fruit Fluff Dip.
  • Put out little bowls of olives, pickles, nuts and dried fruits.
  • And don’t forget the drinks for both kids and adults!  Spritzers, pop, wine, punches, etc…

A glass of wine on a table full of delicious charcuterie, appetizers, dips and fruit

Bring out those games.

When everyone is together it’s the perfect time to play games.  We love card games, board games and sometimes we even bust out the sports games on the Wii…SO funny!

Have a family movie night!

It’s a great time to binge watch a movie series like Harry Potter or Star Wars.  Or keep with the Thanksgiving theme and watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Pop some popcorn, bring out the candy and snuggle in for family movie night.

A top down view of a table full of delicious charcuterie, appetizers, dips and fruit

Create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings!

Thanksgiving dinner is my favourite…there’s just something about a big turkey dinner with all the fixings.  I also really appreciate all the leftovers it creates so that we can have extra meals over the weekend like sandwiches, soups and pot pie.

So this year I will cook a traditional turkey dinner because I want to.  And if you’re craving a turkey dinner too and don’t want to cook, consider ordering one from one of your local restaurants or markets!  But if you feel like cooking and are looking for some recipe ideas, have a look at my Thanksgiving food post where I’m sharing all kinds of recipes…everything from breakfast ideas, to appetizers, salads, side dishes, desserts and the main turkey dish!  And to make things even easier, you can download your free Thanksgiving menu and shopping list here!

A table all set for Thanksgiving with roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy and mashed potatoes

Go on a family walk!

Walks in fall are really the best…fall trees, crunchy pathways, crisp air…it’s all so relaxing and wonderful.  I mean seriously though, look at those leaves!  All the heart eyes.

A path of yellow fall trees

Visit a pumpkin patch.

Why not create a new family tradition and visit a local pumpkin patch?  Go for a walk in pumpkin fields, pick a pumpkin to take home, snap some family pictures, enjoy the fresh air…so much fun!

Have a cookie baking marathon!

With everyone home it’s a great time to bake!  Get the kids in on the fun and let them help mix, make and roll out sugar cookies.  Kids love to get in the kitchen.  These pumpkin sugar cookies are also an easy and delicious recipe to make.

A plate and rack of pumpkin cookies cooling

Keep it simple and have fun!

This year more than ever I think it’s important not to put much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect Thanksgiving.  If this means buying everything for dinner and dessert, then do that.  If this means that Thanksgiving weekend is spent in pajamas, then so be it!  The goal is to enjoy your time together!

Tips and shortcuts to make your Thanksgiving less stressful:

You don’t have to make everything yourself…there are many many delicious pre-made options.

  • Don’t want to roast a full turkey?  Make a turkey breast instead.
  • Make gravy from a package (they’re actually really delicious!)
  • Or order your Thanksgiving dinner from a local restaurant or market.
  • Buy a pumpkin pie from a bakery.
  • Buy pre-made appetizers.
  • Purchase pre-made fruit and veggie trays.
  • Bake cookies from pre-made slice and bake rolls from the grocery store.

Give thanks.

Most importantly, this is a time to give thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives.  In this strange and uncertain world, there is still much to be thankful for.  Around the dinner table, have your family share what they’re thankful for.  Make it a crafting opportunity for the little ones and let them share what they’re thankful for with a craft…these free printables are so cute.

I hope you were able to find some inspiration here for your Thanksgiving weekend!  xo

Happy Thanksgiving!

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