Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

11+ Halloween Food Ideas to make your Halloween extra spooky and delicious!  From sweet treats to cookies, spooky pizzas and more!

We really love Halloween over here and I try to make as much fun as I can, but without too much stress.  So every once in a while I’ll create something in the kitchen that’s easy to make and that I know the kids will LOVE.  Spooky but delicious cookies, ghost pizzas, pies and weirdo hot dogs…all just good fun!  Here are some of my favourite recipes to make for Halloween.

11+ Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Pie with Pie Crust Ghosts

Make this Halloween Pumpkin Pie for your Halloween get together!  Use pie cutters or small cookie cutters to make the pie crust ghosts.

Halloween Pumpkin Pie

Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

These Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Cookies are delicious and spooky fun for this Halloween!  I used coloured sprinkles and candy knives I bought at Michaels.

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Stamped Halloween Sugar Cookies

This is a delicious roll-out sugar cookie dough recipe that is perfect to make these Stamped Halloween Sugar Cookies. They’re fun and easy for kids to stamp and make too!

Stamped Halloween Sugar Cookies

Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

These Halloween Hot Dog Fingers are a spooky and yummy dinner idea!  They’re really gross looking, but fun for the kids!  😉

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

Halloween Jello Skulls

These Halloween Jello Skulls are a fun and easy treat to make for Halloween!  Made with green jello and gummy candy worms…kids love them!

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Jello Skulls with Gummy Candy Worms

Ghost Pizzas

Make Ghost Pizzas for Halloween dinner!  These are so fun and really easy to make…they’ve become a Halloween tradition for our family.

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Ghost Pizzas

Halloween Ghost Blob Pizza

This Halloween Ghost Blob Pizza didn’t quite turn out the way I planned, but it’s perfectly hilarious and spooky!  And fun for kids to make!

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Ghost Blob Pizza

Spooky Eyeball Sugar Cookies for Halloween

These Spooky Eyeball Halloween Sugar Cookies are a great treat for Halloween.  Perfect for parties and as a surprise in school lunches.  Simple to make and so yummy!

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Halloween Eyeball Sugar Cookies

Monster Cookies

These Monster Cookies are a delicious treat!  They’re soft, chewy and crunchy and full of peanut butter flavour!

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Monster Cookies

Monster Cake

A fun and not-too-spooky Monster Cake decorating idea that’s perfect for a Halloween party!

Monster Cake

Mummy Drink Boxes

These Mummy Drink Boxes are a great idea for your kids Halloween parties!  Simple & spooky!

Spooky Halloween Food Ideas: Mummy Drink Boxes

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Looking for more Halloween ideas?  Make sure to follow my Halloween Pinterest board!

Have a spooky and delicious Halloween!

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