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31+ Spooky Halloween Recipes

31+ Spooky Halloween Recipes including daring desserts, spooky suppers, and devilish drinks! Make ghost pizzas or mummy hotdogs, sip potion cocktails, bake monster cookies and more!

If you’re looking to serve up a spooky Halloween with delicious food, you’re in the right place for recipe inspiration! You will find everything from hot dogs made to look like fingers or mummies, ghost pizzas, meatloaf in the shape of a hand. Don’t forget the Full Moontinis and potion cocktails, scream pies, monster cookies, meringue ghosts, jello skulls and more.  All delicious and super spooky. Happy Halloween!

Sweet Halloween Treats

Spooky Halloween Scream Raspberry Pie

This Halloween Scream Raspberry Pie is a perfect pie for the spookiest night of all!  So spooky, so delicious. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

a top down view of a pie with a Scream face cut out in the crust. the filling is red raspberries

Spiderweb Cake

This Spiderweb Cake is perfect for Halloween! A rich black cocoa cake with an orange flavored buttercream decorated in a fun spiderweb pattern. GET THE RECIPE from Liv for Cake HERE

a side view of an orange and black cake with a white spider web made of icing

Halloween Monster Eye Ball Cookies

These Halloween Monster Eye Ball Cookies are an easy Halloween treat to make with only 3 ingredients and a few minutes. They are fun for the kiddos to make unsupervised. GET THE RECIPE from Recipes from a Pantry HERE

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Monster Cookies

These Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Monster Cookies are chewy and soft and oh-so-fun for an easy Halloween cookie that doesn’t require much decorating skill to look adorable and creepy at the same time! They are perfect for anybody who loves the classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate!  GET THE RECIPE from House of Nash Eats HERE

a top down view of chocolate cookies with green candy circles in the centre. on each of the green candies are two eyeballs

Zombie Brain Halloween cupcakes

These Zombie Brain Halloween cupcakes are so easy to make and going to be the talk of your Halloween party! They’ll complete your halloween tablescape! GET THE RECIPE from Windy City Dinner Fairy HERE

a top down view of six cupcakes with green icing in the pattern of brains. the cupcakes are sitting on a yellow plate

Halloween Nougat Candy

This Easy Halloween Gumdrop Nougat Candy is a fun no-bake treat! Perfect for dessert tables, parties and gift giving. Only 4 ingredients! GET THE RECIPE HERE

a black bowl filled with white, orange and black nougat candy

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispies Bat Treats

Homemade brown butter rice krispies dipped in dark chocolate make these bat treats the perfect Halloween dessert or snack. GET THE RECIPE from Chisel Fork HERE

a top down view of chocolate covered circle rice krispies made to look like bats with large eyeballs

Halloween Jelly Eyeballs

Easy Halloween jelly with real fruit eyeballs that kids and grown ups will love. The whipped cream brains are optional! GET THE RECIPE from Chez Le Reve Francais HERE

a front view of a glass filled with red jelly and lychee made to look like eyeballs

Halloween Pumpkin Pie

Boo! Make this Halloween Pumpkin Pie for your Halloween get together!  Just use pie cutters or small cookie cutters to decorate it with little ghosts.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a top down view of an unbaked pumpkin pie decorated with pie crust cut outs made of ghosts

Mummy Chocolate Bars

These spooky mummy chocolate bars made with a crunchy biscuit base topped with peanut butter ‘caramel’ and finished with a drizzle of dark & white chocolate are perfect Halloween party treats. They’re fun to make and the kids will love decorating them! Gluten free & vegan friendly. GET THE RECIPE from Fit Foodie Nutter HERE

a top down view of chocolate covered treats drizzled with white chocolate to look like mummies.

Meringue Ghosts

It’s so easy to make these cute little Meringue Ghosts! They are crisp on the outside and marshmallowy on the inside. Your Halloween visitors will love them! GET THE RECIPE from Something Sweet Something Savoury HERE

Halloween Cakesicles

These Halloween Cakesicles are super fun to put together and will bring a good amount of whimsy to any Halloween celebration. Break out the Halloween sprinkles and candy googly eyes to add loads of character to these cake pops. GET THE RECIPE from Kickass Baker HERE

an orange cakesicle with googly eyes, chocolate drizzle and yellow and orange sprinkles

Spooky Halloween Monster Apple Snacks

Spooky Halloween Monster Apple Snacks are made with peanut butter, strawberries and sunflower seeds. A ghoulish Halloween snack for the kids without all the added sugar. GET THE RECIPE from The Delicious Spoon HERE

Boo Batter Ice Cream (No Churn)

This copycat Boo Batter Ice Cream is a black Halloween ice cream, made without an ice cream maker (no churn), that tastes like cake batter. It’s loaded with cake batter Oreo cookies and Halloween candy like Kit Kat chocolate bars, candy corn, candy eyes and smarties (although you can use any candy you like.) GET THE RECIPE from Food Meanderings HERE

a teal coloured loaf pan filled with black ice cream and topped with colourful candy

Halloween Witch Ice Cream Sundae

These cute Halloween witch ice cream sundaes are made with only a few basic ingredients and about 10 minutes prep time. This is a great interactive recipe that kids can help with; each child will have fun making their own funny witch face on their sundae! GET THE RECIPE from Nibble and Dine HERE

an ice cream sundae with a scoop of green ice cream decorated with candy to look like a witch face. the sundae has a witch hat made with a chocolate covered cone

Stamped Halloween Sugar Cookies

A delicious roll-out sugar cookie dough recipe that is perfect to make these Stamped Halloween Sugar Cookies. They’re fun and easy for kids to stamp and make too!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

sugar cookies stamped with skulls. an orange and black plaid ribbon runs across the cookies

Halloween Cake Pops

Making Halloween Cake Pops at home should be easy, fun, and without any hiccups along the way. These spooky cake pops are especially simple to make, keeping the whole process a breeze, just as it should be! GET THE RECIPE from The Anthony Kitchen HERE

A chocolaty treat that’s spooktacular. Kids can enjoy rolling and cutting out the shapes, just like regular sugar cookie dough, but with a fun chocolate twist. These Chocolate Sugar Cookie Bats are free of: wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanut & tree nut free; top-8-free & vegan. GET THE RECIPE from Allergy Awesomeness HERE

Jello Skulls

These Halloween Jello Skulls are a fun and easy treat to make for Halloween! Fill them with gummy worms and bugs.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Creepy Spiderweb Chocolate Bark

Creepy spiderweb chocolate bark is a spooky Halloween treat! Imagine a chocolaty cobweb woven over layers of dark and white chocolate with little candy spiders. Halloween bark is a spooky way to celebrate the season! GET THE RECIPE from Confetti & Bliss HERE

Witch Hat Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies are a tasty and creative Halloween party treat made with homemade chocolate cookies, buttercream frosting, and Hershey Kisses. They are also an excellent recipe to get the kids in the kitchen to help prepare. GET THE RECIPE from Crayons & Cravings HERE

Halloween Graveyard Dirt Cups

a fun, easy activity to do with the kids. These chocolate cookie crumble pudding cups come together in minutes and you can customize it with your favorite candies. GET THE RECIPE from Sweetly Splendid HERE

Halloween Sugar Cookies

A delicious roll-out and cut-out sugar cookie dough recipe that is perfect to make these spooky decorated Halloween Sugar Cookies. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Decorated Halloween Sugar Cookies!

Drinks for Halloween

The Full Moontini

The Full Moontini is a sparkly, fruity, tropical Halloween cocktail disguised in a veil of black by a pinch of activated charcoal powder. GET THE RECIPE from Fresh Flavorful HERE

Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Green apple soda, caramel and apple pie flavored vodkas combine to create a deliciously festive Halloween cocktail! It is the perfect adults-only beverage to serve at your next party! GET THE RECIPE from Cooking with Curls HERE

a glass science beaker filled with green punch

Black Magic Halloween Sangria

This Black Magic Halloween Sangria Recipe is a fun and SPOOKY Halloween cocktail made with red wine, vodka, raspberry liqueur, apple cider, and fresh fruit topped with bubbly soda. Serve this delicious and easily customizable sangria recipe at your next grown-up Halloween party! GET THE RECIPE from The Forked Spoon HERE

a halloween themed wine glass with a skeleton stem is filled with a red sangria, ice and berries, and garnished with a sliced apple

Halloween Cosmopolitan

Cosmo lovers will go crazy for this black Halloween cosmopolitan cocktail. It’s a black cocktail with an ice ball that makes the perfect Halloween vodka drink. GET THE RECIPE from xoxoBella HERE

Swamp Gasses

This spooky green punch is made with rum, pineapple juice, lemon — and lemon lime soda. Use dry ice for a spooky effect, but be sure you don’t ingest the ice… it’s just for show! GET THE RECIPE from Garlic & Zest HERE

Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice Potion is perfect for Halloween or Harry Potter themed parties! It’s a kid friendly drink made with only three ingredients: kiwi juice, lemon-lime soda and apple sorbet. It’s ready in just 5 minutes! GET THE RECIPE from I Knead To Eat HERE

Smoking Halloween Drinks (non-alcoholic)

This smoking Halloween mocktail is sure to WOW when you serve it & definitely creates an eerie effect! This is the best of Halloween drinks (non-alcoholic)! GET THE RECIPE from This Vivacious Life HERE

an image of a pumpkin orange drink with white 'smoke' coming off the top

Candy Corn Martini

The ultimate sweet Halloween cocktail treat for adults. This pretty candy corn martini with whipped vodka & pretty layers looks just like the classic Halloween candy but sure is a lot tastier! GET THE RECIPE from The Short Order Cook HERE

two martini glasses with layers of orange, yellow and white

Savoury Halloween Treats

Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

Make these Halloween Hot Dog Fingers for a spooky and fun Halloween treat! These will make even the toughest eaters cringe just a little hahaha!  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a top down view of a plate of hot dogs. the hot dogs have been carved to look like fingers.

Frankenstein Sandwich Wraps

A favourite for Halloween, these fun Frankenstein Sandwich Wraps are a must-make for the kiddos and are great for school lunches or parties!  GET THE RECIPE from Peas and Crayons HERE

a top down view of green sandwich wraps made to look like Frankenstein. They have vegetables for eyes, blocks of cheese for ears and chips for hair

Eyeball Halloween Spaghetti

Get into the Halloween spirit and serve up this spine-chilling eyeball pasta. This easy 5-ingredient meal will take center stage on your Halloween table, and since much of it can be prepped in advance it’s the perfect party fare!  GET THE RECIPE from Budget Delicious HERE

a top down view of a large bowl of spaghetti and sauce with meatballs. the meatballs are topped with white circles of cheese and black olives made to look like eyeballs

Hot Dog Mummies

These hot dog mummies are the perfect Halloween treat. They’re fast, easy, a teeny bit spooky, and are perfect to make with kids as a Halloween activity! GET THE RECIPE from A Food Lover’s Kitchen HERE

a top down view of a plate of hot dog mummies. they are hot dogs wrapped in pastry to look like mummies. there is a bowl of ketchup and mustard decorated to look like a spider web

Ghost Pizzas

What’s not to love about cheese ghost blobs with olive eyeballs and mouths?!  All melted and gooey…seems fitting for Halloween haha.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

a top down view of an unbaked pizza with ghosts made out of cheese. they have eyes and mouths made out of black olives

Spider Web Deviled Eggs

Halloween Spider Web Deviled Eggs are a great scary Halloween Low Carb Recipe for your monster party. Spooky little spiders made from Olives and scary colored eggs with blueberries gives you a great healthy Halloween finger Food. GET THE RECIPE from Lowcarb-nocarb HERE

a plate of deviled eggs decorated with spiders made out of black olives

Puking Pumpkin Halloween Taco Board

Turn taco night into a spooky Halloween themed dinner with a trio of puking pumpkins. Great idea for Halloween parties or a fun family dinner that both kids and adults will love! GET THE RECIPE from Maple + Mango HERE

Halloween Bacon Jalapeno Mummies

These bacon jalapeno mummies are stuffed with cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, and pieces of smoky bacon. Wrapped in strips of flaky, buttery crescent rolls. Your guests will go crazy for them! GET THE RECIPE from Butter Your Biscuit HERE

Creepy Halloween Hand

A flavored cream cheese dip shaped into a creepy hand and wrapped in prosciutto to make a disturbingly realistic Halloween appetizer in just 10 minutes! GET THE RECIPE from Cuts and Crumbles HERE

Frito Pie Stuffed Pepper

Frito Pie Stuffed Peppers are a fun craft AND tasty dinner to fuel all of your Halloween events! Learn to carve a bell pepper jack o lantern with a video tutorial. GET THE RECIPE from spabettie HERE

an orange bell pepper that has been carved to look like a jack-o-lantern. it is stuffed with Frito pie

Halloween Mummy Meatloaf

This Halloween Mummy Meatloaf recipe is your newest fall family tradition. This easy meatloaf recipe is shaped and wrapped in bacon to look like a spooky mummy, complete with onion eyes! This is a halloween dinner idea for the family that everyone will love, make it part of your fall traditions this year! GET THE RECIPE from The Schmidty Wife HERE

a top down view of a baked bacon wrapped meatloaf made to look like a mummy

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Happy Halloween!

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