Mummy Drink Boxes

These Mummy Drink Boxes are a great idea for your kids Halloween parties!  Simple and spooky.

If you’re looking for a spooky and fun addition to a kids Halloween party or even school lunches, these Mummy Drink Boxes are so cute! They’re simple to make and kids love them.

  • KID LOVE THEM – Kids won’t be able to resist these cute little drinks!
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES – These are a great addition to Halloween parties!
  • EASY TO MAKE – As simple as wrapping a drink box with tape and glueing on eyeballs!
Mummy Drink Boxes

Great for kids Halloween parties!

I made these fun mummy drink boxes for my kids school Halloween parties and everyone loved them! Now I will admit it took me a couple of hours because I had to make 35 of them, but I still managed to pull it off! I think they’re well worth the effort. And honestly, they’re simple enough to make that you could have older kids help you out.

Mummy Drink Boxes

How To Make Mummy Drink Boxes for Halloween:

You will need white duct tape or electrical tape, google eyes and glue (I used a glue gun). For 35 drink boxes I used 2 rolls of duct tape.

  • Remove the straw from the drink box (keeping it in the plastic wrapping).
  • Wrap each drink box with the tape, criss crossing to look like mummy wrapping.
  • Glue on some eyeballs.
  • Put a little drop of glue on the back of the box, and reattach the straw.
  • Done! So easy!

Happy Halloween!

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