Carving Pumpkins: Pumpkin Carving Ideas + Tips

Ideas for carving pumpkins this Halloween! From classic to cute, spooky to downright scary. Happy carving!

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is our most favourite part of the spooky season! It’s almost that time, one week to be exact, so I thought it would be fun to share ideas from some of our past Halloweens.

Carving Pumpkins: Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Barfing pumpkin  // Dracula  //  Spider  //  Ghouls  //  Black Cat

carving pumpkins into fairy houses

Fairy House Pumpkin Idea

These are my favourite! I wanted a little pumpkin village so I carved out three houses into three different pumpkins. Aren’t they cute? I didn’t use a stencil for these, I just freehanded them.

Simple and spooky idea for carving pumpkins this Halloween!

Nightmare Before Christmas  //  Ghouls  //  Polka Dots and more! 

carving pumpkins into Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a classic carving that we do every year! Jack just says Halloween!!

carving pumpkins into polka dots

Polka Dot Pumpkin

Polka Dot Pumpkins are so pretty when they’re lit up! You can use little carving knives to make the holes, or a drill.

carving pumpkins into Pennywise from IT

Pennywise from IT

This pumpkin took a bit of skill…my kid carved this one and he really took time to make it look perfect! Pennywise is the spookiest.

A simple and cute Halloween pumpkin

carving pumpkins into Among Us characters

Among Us Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Have you played Among Us? It’s weirdly so fun…especially when you play with your kids! Anyway, we played a lot of Among Us lately, so it just seemed fitting to make these character pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carving Tips:

  • Buy a set of pumpkin carving knives and scoops. You can find them at Walmart or craft stores, they’re inexpensive and so worth it! The knives are more precise and they don’t slip because they are shaped like little saws. Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?!
  • Find images from the internet for inspiration.
  • Create your design and trace it onto your pumpkin. You can freehand draw it too!
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect! Halloween is definitely NOT the time for perfection! The scarier and more imperfect the better.
  • See more of my pumpkin carving ideas here!

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