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Grilled Fall Vegetables + a Philips Indoor Grill Review

A recipe for Grilled Fall Vegetables that would be delicious for Thanksgiving dinner!

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Disclosure: I am working with Philips and I am excited to share Philips products with you!  I have been compensated, but as always, the recipe, all pictures, views and opinions are my own.

I’m back again with another Philips product review (and a recipe!), this time I’m testing the Philips Indoor Smoke-Less Grill.  I was very curious about how indoor grills work, so I was excited to give this product a try.  And since it’s almost Thanksgiving, what better time than now to create a recipe for Thanksgiving dinner!

Philips Indoor Grill Review

So with my trusty kitchen side-kick (ok, he just observes and taste tests!), I got cooking and made a mixed grill of fall vegetables.

Grilled Fall Vegetables

Grilled vegetables are the best.  Especially hearty fall veggies like farm fresh carrots, yams, onions, beets and zucchini, all tossed in a flavourful garlic & rosemary marinade.  All veggies that would pair perfectly with turkey!

Grilled Fall Vegetables + a Philips Indoor Grill Review

After I let the veggies marinate for about 20 minutes, I got grilling.  The first thing you will notice about the grill is how bright it is…this is the Advanced Infrared Heat technology that helps grill all sides of the food evenly.  This also means that you only have to flip your food over once or twice during cooking.

Grilled Fall Vegetables

And the end result was beautifully grilled vegetables.  So delicious.

Grilled Fall Vegetables

For these veggies I cooked them in 2 batches because each cooking cycle makes 4 servings, and I wanted 8.  But that wasn’t a problem because I just kept the first batch in a foil covered bowl, and letting them rest for a while made the flavours more rich and deep.  While both batches of vegetables were resting, I decided to try to grill a few more things, so I made baby potatoes and chicken.

Philips Indoor Grill Review

I tossed them in garlic and herbs and added them to the Philips Indoor Grill…and 25 minutes later dinner was served!  (I actually ended up adding a total of 4 chicken breasts).  Everything grilled up so nicely and with minimal effort.

Grilled fall vegetables, savoury baby potatoes and chicken.  This would be a really nice Thanksgiving meal for a small gathering.

So here’s the recipe for the grilled fall vegetables…and make sure read below for more thoughts and details on the Philips Indoor Grill!  Enjoy.


Grilled Fall Vegetable Recipe

This recipe makes 4 servings.  I doubled this recipe (to make 6 – 8 servings) and cooked the vegetables in batches, keeping them in a covered dish while I finished up the cooking…which worked really nicely as resting time made the vegetables nice and tender.

  • Author: Jo-Anna Rooney
  • Prep Time: 40 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x




  • 3 tbsp olive or vegetable oil
  • 2 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp fresh rosemary
  • 1 garlic clove (minced)
  • salt & fresh ground pepper


  • 3 carrots (sliced lengthwise)
  • 3 golden beets (sliced thinly)
  • 1 onion (sliced)
  • 1 cup sliced zucchini
  • 1/2 cup thinly sliced yam


  1. Mix together the oil and seasoning.
  2. After your vegetables are prepared and sliced, toss them in the oil seasoning mixture.  For an extra flavour boost, let the vegetables marinade for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Turn on your grill.
  4. Place the marinated vegetables on the grill and cook for about 10 minutes, or until they are cooked the way you like them.  Using a pair of tongs, make sure to turn them halfway through, or more.


Tip:  Make sure not to cut the vegetables too small or they will just fall through the grill.

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What I like about the Philips Indoor Smoke-Less Grill:

  • This is a great tool for grilling meats indoors.  If you don’t want to BBQ in rain or minus 30 degree weather, this is really good option.
  • It would be especially great for people who don’t have a BBQ…it’s perfect for apartment living.
  • This grill is very easy to set up and use, and you can start grilling in 1 minute which I really like…no waiting for it to preheat.
  • The grid is non-stick which makes grilling easy, and also makes it very easy to clean which is very important to me.  I don’t want to be scrubbing grills.
  • There is a keep warm function which is great for that transition time of getting food onto the table.
  • It fits onto my counter comfortably.

Things to note:

  • The Advanced Infrared Heat technology works really well, but be aware that it is very bright on the eyes.
  • I think this grill would be best used for grilling meats.  If you want to make a side dish that is more than 4 servings you will have to cook in batches.  But you can get quite a few pieces of meat on to it.

Tips for grilling on the Philips Indoor Grill:

  • Use tender pieces of meat on this grill.  Marinades are great for making meat tender.
  • Turn the food using non-metal tongs.
  • Don’t turn your food too often, or it can become tough and dried out.
  • Make sure not to cut food into too small pieces, or they will fall through the grill.
  • Do not use metal skewers if you are making kabobs.  Use bamboo or wooden skewers that have been soaked in water ahead of time.
  • If you’re grilling multiple batches of food, the more you grill, the more likely it is to smoke, especially if there is a lot of fat on the meat.  You may have to wipe out the drip tray between batches, but it’s easy to remove so it’s not a problem.

Details of the Philips Indoor Grill:

  • This grill cooks your food with an even, constant 446-Degree-Fahrenheit cooking temperature.  It uses Advanced Infrared Heat technology to help grill all sides of the food evenly, while the grid provides grill marks.
  • The advanced Infrared Heat technology ensures for up to 80% less smoke, compared to standard electric countertop grills, and minimal splattering. The smokeless grill directs the excess fat and drippings to an easy-to-remove tray, that to keep your kitchen smoke-free with less messy splattering.
  • This grill has easy to clean detachable parts that are also dishwasher-proof.
  • There is a keep warm function.
  • It provides constant heat for perfect browning without burning.
  • It comes with a free recipe book with inspiring grill recipes.

Where to Purchase the Philips Indoor Grill:

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